Playtech Online Slot Machine Payout Percentages

playtech-logoThere is no getting away from the fact that Playtech design some excellent online slots, however sadly some of their slot games are also quite poorly designed, whilst the graphics may look great, and the bonus features may looking exciting and with a smooth game play, what lets some of their slots down is the low payout percentages they have been designed to payout.

In this part of our website we are going to introduce you to first the best paying Playtech slot games which come with the highest and most attractive payout percentages, and we will also show you just which Playtech slot games you need to avoid these of course being the ones with low payout percentages!

Top Paying Playtech Slots

Let us start by giving you the good news, all of the following slots boast the highest return to player payout percentages, so if you are planning a slot spinning session soon, at any online casino utilizing Playtech’s wide range of games make sure these are the slots you play!

A Night Out Slot – If you fancy a night in then give this A Night Out slot game a try! This is hot and very loose 20 payline slot found at Playtech powered sites which comes with a low to mid variance type of playing structure and free spins awarding scatter symbols. This games RTP is huge and is 97.06% making it a slot you just have to play online!

Arctic Treasure Slot – You are going to find this game has scatter symbols, free spins bonus rounds and even wild symbols to help increase your winning opportunities, however the main reason this game is a much sought after on at Playtech software powered online casino sites is its generous return to player payout percentage which is a more than generous 96.03%.

Captain’s Treasure Pro Slot – If you like multi line slots, and slot games which offer free spins then feast your eyes at the Captain’s Treasure Pro slot game, for this has both of those qualities, and if you like Pirates then its theme will certainly tick the right box! This is a great slot to play and one that comes with a more than respectable 96.08% payout percentage.

Desert Treasure Slot – There are two Desert Island slot games that make up the series, both of which are of course found at casinos on the Playtech gaming platform. However it will probably be best for you to stick to playing the original version of this game for its boasts a payout percentage of 97.05% which is slightly higher than the second slot in the series!

Desert Treasure II Slot – The second slot is the series this Desert Treasure II slot game will give you more than enough entertainment and winning opportunities if you choose to play it, and the best aspect of this multi line free spins awarding slot is its high 96.21% return to player payout percentage.

Dr. Lovemore Slot – The comically themed and loveable Dr. Lovemore slot is another slot for you to seriously get stuck into playing whenever you visit a Playtech software powered online casino for this little beauty boasts a  very high RTP of some 97.01%.

Rome And Glory Slot – You may be basking in glory if you hit the big one playing the Rome and Glory slot which is another of the high variance slots from Playtech offering plenty of slots spinning value due to its 96.08% RTP.

Playtech’s Lowest Paying Online Slots

Having such a large and many players would say impressive suite of casino slot games on offer  Playtech software powered casinos are always going to give you a diverse range of slots to play. Those slots listed below are the ones which we feel let Playtech’s portfolio of games down, due simply to the very low payout percentages on offer.

Thor Slot – You could easily be attracted to play the Thor slot which is one of the latest slots form Playtech which features the Marvel progressive jackpots all of which are randomly awarded to players, however it really is a poorly designed slot based on its RTP that is a tiny and uninspiring 91.93%!

The Discovery Slot – When you are hunting around for a 25 payline slot you will come across Playtech’s Discovery slot, which on first glance with its stacked wild symbols and its free spins bonus round may tick the right boxes, however when you find out this game’s RTP is just 93.3% you may be put off playing it forever!

Sparta Slot – Another slot game that should not be high up on the list of games you are going to play any time soon is the Sparta slot from Playtech, this one does offer plenty of paylines and pay table listed payouts but with the 94.09% payout percentage attached to this slot is really is not one that jumps out at you and says play me!

John Wayne Slot – If the late great John Wayne was alive and well he would probably take his gun and give this slot a slug! Another of the badly designed slots and we say this due to the payout percentage that is on offer which is a low 94%.

Great Blue Slot – We have heard of some player’s winning small fortunes on the Great Blue slot game from Playtech, and this is probably due to the high variance nature of this slot, however you really will need everything to drop into place when playing it for its actual long term expected return to player payout percentage is just 94.25%!

Dragon Kingdom Stats: Slot – Here we have another 20 payline slot game on offer at online casinos using Playtech gaming platform, and alas there is not too much appealing nor attractive about the structure of this slot game for its payout percentage is once again low and works out at 94.02%.

Gladiator Slot– When you think of a Gladiator you immediately think of a strong and tall warrior, well that is exactly what this slot is based and themed around however what will knock you out is the 94.09%  payout percentage that this game has been verified as having!

Penguin Vacation Slot –  The final slot we would like you to avoid when playing at a Playtech software powered online casino site is the Penguin Vacation slot this is another of the must avoid slot games for anyone wanting the maximum winning opportunities for this games RTP is just a modest 94.25%.

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