Playtech Slots with Mixed Pays

samba-brazil-slotEach of our licensed and top rated Playtech Casinos are going to offer you a range of slots that have additional Mixed Pays related winning combinations that can be formed as you are playing the base game of those slots.

Mixed Pays are formed in several different ways. The first set of those winning combinations you will come across are awarded when you form an X pattern of certain reel symbols on reels number two, three and four of those slots. To form this Mixed Pays winning combination the selected reel symbols must spin in on reel position two and four on the top row of the slot games reels, another symbol must be located in the centre reel position on the middle reel, and the other two reel symbols must drop in on reel positions two and four of the bottom row of reel symbols.

Another way you can form a Mixed Pays winning combination on some real money slots is by spinning in from left to right or from right to left a mixed set of selected reel symbols on any activated pay lines. The beauty of these types of slots is that the Mixed Pays winning payout can be huge on some of them.

Should you fancy giving some of these slot games a whirl then below we have listed every single one of the current crop of Playtech slot games that have the Mixed Pays feature in play and listed upon their respective pay tables. These games are available to be played for free or for real money, so do give them a little play time as you may quite enjoy the frequency of which those winning additional reel symbol combinations are formed and awarded to you.

Battle of the Gods Slot – This slot is one of the very latest slot games to be launched and released by Playtech on which you will find a special Mixed Pays set of payouts on offer. You are going to have to form an X pattern of God reel symbols on the middle three reels of this slot game and by doing so you will then be awarded with a bonus winning payout.

That bonus payout will only be awarded during the base game and not any bonus games awarded to you, and by forming a Mixed Pays winning combination you are awarded with a payout worth five times the amount your wagers on the base game spin those Mixed Pays payout awarding God symbols spun in on.

Ice Hockey Slot – When you launch the Ice Hockey slot game which is available at all Playtech powered online casino sites you will have to pick one team to be the Home Team and one Team to be the Away Team. Each will have their own respective set of Player reel symbols in play on the reels.

A Mixed Pays winning combination has been added to the pay table of this slot game and as soon as you manage to line up a mixed combination of Home Player symbols forming on an activated payline from left to right you will be awarded with a Mixed Pays winning payout, and getting a mixed combination of Away Team Players forming on any activated payline from right to left on the screen will also award you with a Mixed Pays winning payout.

Samba Brazil Slot – The Samba Brazil slot game has one of the most unusual Mixed Pays features we have seen, you will be awarded with a bonus payout as soon as you get two or more Samba Girl and Samba Girl’s Breasts reel symbols on any activate payline! So let us hope you get an eyeful of those two beauties spinning in when playing this slot, for the more symbols of those two types that land on any activated payline the more you will win.

The Avengers Slot – You will be awarded with a massive 200 times you stake amount Mixed Pays winning payout if you line up, on any of your activated paylines, five of the Marvel Comic Book Character symbols when playing off any single base game spin on the Avengers slot game.

That is by far and away one of the largest Mixed Pays winning payouts we have seen attached to any Playtech slot and that may be the only reason you need to play this slot, which by the way offers a very large number of additional free spins bonus feature rounds.

Top Trumps Football Stars – There is a very large 10,000 base game jackpot up for grabs when you choose to play the recently launched Top Trumps Football Stars slot game from Playtech, and if you enjoy the game of football then this is certainly a slot to add to your shortlist of their slots to play sooner rather than later.

This slot offered a Mixed Pays winning payout as soon as you have spun in any mixed combinations of Home Team Player reel symbols from left to right on the slot game screen, and also a Mixed Pays winning payout is awarded for spinning in any combination of Away Team Player reel symbols from right to left on the slot games screen.

X Men Slot – The way in which you are going to be able to be awarded with the Mixed Pays winning payout when playing Playtech’s X Men slot is by you spinning in any combination of the Hero Character reel symbols displayed on its reels. You need to get five of those reel symbols spinning into view on the slot game screen so as they fill the X pattern on the middle three reels.

As this slot is of course one of the Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot slots that does mean you could at random, once you have played off any single base game spin, been awarded the Marvel Jackpot picking game on which you will, at the end of that picking game, have revealed three matching symbols you will be guaranteed of winning one of the four live progressive jackpots attached to this slot.

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