Playtech’s Unique Range of Casino Poker Games

Playtech have quite a number of casino poker card games available, and below we will give you an overview of each game they have on offer, as you are about to discover Playtech certainly have plenty of these casino card games which are very unique.

Casino Hold ‘Em

The Casino Hold’em game that is as near as you are going to get to an actual game of poker, and as such when you play it you simply need to form a hand ranked higher than the Dealers using either or both of your two initial Pocket Cards or any combination of the five Community Cards.

You are also given the option of placing what is known as an AA bonus type side bet and by placing this bet you are awarded a range of winning payouts based on ranking of the first five cards dealt out to you which are the two Pocket Cards and the first three Community Cards, the maximum payout of this AA side bet option is a large 100 to 1 payout for being dealt a Royal Flush in any suit.

Caribbean Stud Poker

You will simply have to form a higher ranked five card poker hand than that of the Dealer to win when playing the Caribbean Stud Poker game found in all Playtech software powered casino sites.

In addition to the base game you will also be able to place a side bet and once this bet has been placed then you stand to win a range of winning payouts as displayed on the bonus bet pay table, there is also a progressive jackpot that can be won when you place this side bet and this is awarded to you should you manage to get dealt a Royal Flush hand which can of course be in any of the four different suits.

Tequila Poker

The Tequila Poker game may take some getting used to, but once you discover just how the game plays and pays you may find it quite appealing. The game gives you two different ways of playing it, you first need to place an Ante wager and once placed four cards will be dealt out to you.

Once those four cards have been dealt you then have to decide whether to play the High Tequila game or the Tequila Poker game, once you have made your choice two additional cards will be dealt to you.

The Tequila Poker game will see you hoping to form at least one of the ranked poker hands displayed on the pay table which begins to award payouts for a hand containing at least a Pair of Aces from those six cards dealt out. If you opt for the High Tequila game then if the combined total value of all six playing cards is 46 or above then a winning payout will be awarded to you.

Wild Viking

The Wild Viking poker game is a very unusual game, for it is a combination of a five card poker game and a game of Roulette. You will be given the option of placing a wager on any number of playing cards in the deck or you can place a wager on any of the possible poker hands displayed on the betting layout.

Once you have placed your wager or wagers then five playing cards will be dealt out, if you have chosen to bet on any individual card or cards and they appear in those five cards which are dealt out you will win, and if you have placed a bet on any of the poker hands and they are formed with those five playing cards that are dealt out you will be awarded the associated payout of that hand.

Pai Gow Poker

The lowest variance type of casino poker card game you will find on offer in all Playtech powered casino sites online is the Pai Gow Poker game, this is a simple game on which you will be dealt out seven playing cards after placing an initial bet and you are tasked with making a two card hand and a five card hand in the hope that both hands beat the Dealers two hands.

Should both of your two hands not beat the Dealers then if only one of them does the game is classed as a push and your stakes will be returned, if both of your hands beat the dealer you will win a payout of even money less a 5% house commission, however, if the Dealers two hands beats both of your two hands then you will have lost your initial wagered amount.

Red Dog Poker

The Red Dog Poker game has to be one of the simplest casino poker card games that you can play, and when playing this game all you need to do is to place a wager onto the table and then click on the Deal button, once you have done this two plying cards will be dealt out and the aim of the game is that you will be hoping the third card to be dealt out will fall within the spread of the two cards on screen.

For example if you have been dealt out a King and an Eight then the third card which is dealt out must be a Nine, Ten, Jack or Queen for you to win. The odds you will receive when the third card falls within the number spread of the two initial cards will depend on the likelihood of it doing so.

The available spreads and the associated payouts are: A one number spread will pay 5 to 1, a two number spread will pay 4 to 1, a three number spread will pay 2 to 1, all four to eleven number spreads pay even money and if three cards are dealt out all with the same value you win a bonus payout of 11 to 1.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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