Playtech’s Jackpot Darts Game Explained

jackpot-dartsAs part of our ongoing series of Arcade game articles we would like to present to you this informative overview on Playtech’s Jackpot Darts game which we are confident is going to appeal to a great number of players.

The idea behind this game is that you have to place one or more wagers on where you think three darts will end up after being thrown at the Dartboard! Fortunately the dart player launching the darts is experienced so the options do not include the floor, the wall and anyone passing the Dartboard.

The game is a multi stake type of game, which does of course mean you can always play it for stake levels of your own choosing. However, be aware that as this game has a large progressive type of jackpot on offer it is one of only a handful of Playtech Arcade games that is not available to play for free.

Jackpot Darts Game Dartboard

If you are new to the game of darts then we will give you a quick run through of the actual Dartboard itself, as it is split up into different segments and any of them is where the darts may end up landing in.

There are a total of twenty different numbers on the Dartboard form one to twenty and each one of them has several different areas in their respective segment.

Starting with the outermost area then working inwards you will find a Double Ring area, the single Ring area, a Triple Ring area and another Single Ring area. In the middle of the Dartboard there is a Bullseye position directly in the middle of the board and outside that there is an Outer Bullseye circle.

Betting Opportunities on the Jackpot Darts Game

You are allowed to place a range of different bets on each game of this Jackpot Darts game you play, however be aware that the maximum number of bets per single game you play is limited to four of them. Here is an overview of all of the betting options available.

Single Bets – You can place a wager on just how many of the three darts will hit the Single Ring area of each throw of the darts.

Double Bets – Should you think one or more of the darts will hit the Double Ring area after being thrown then you need to wager on the Double Bet options.

Treble Bets – You can of course also place a wager on how many, if any, of the three darts will end up in any of the Triple Ring areas of the Dartboard after being thrown.

Outer Bull – The Outer Bullseye position is another area of the Dartboard the darts may land in and once again you can place a wager on them doing so.

Inner Bull – The final standard bet you can place when playing this Jackpot Darts Arcade game is whether any of the darts will land in the Bullseye area of the Dartboard.

Low – Mid – High – Another bet that may interest you is one whereby you can bet on the total score of the three darts. You can wager they will fall in between a low, mid or high spread of numbers as displayed on the betting area of the game.

Single Number Bets – You can also place a wager that at least one of the three darts when thrown will end up hitting the single Rung area of any one single number.

Jackpot Bet – You can also place a Jackpot wager when playing this Jackpot Darts game and if the end result is the one required to win that progressive jackpot then as long as you have placed that wager the entire progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter will be yours.

In case you are wondering all three darts have to hit the Bullseye or Outer Bullseye for you to win the progressive jackpot and if they do you must have placed that Jackpot wager to win it.

Individual Betting Location RTP’s

To help you select the best betting positions to wager on, below is an overview of each of them along with the respective RTP of each wagering opportunity. The higher the payout percentage the more appealing that bet type is.

Total of 3 to 38 – The long term expected RTP of this betting opportunity is 96.10%.

Total of 39 to 41 – The payout percentage of this wager is certified as being 95.91%.

Total of 42 to 180 – By placing this bet on the Jackpot Darts game the RTP works out at 94.71%.

0 Singles – This wager has a fairly low RTP that being just 93.54%.

1 Single – This wagering option has a slightly better RTP than the one above at 94.85%.

2 Singles – The long term expected RTP of this betting opportunity is 93.48%.

3 Singles – The payout percentage of this wager is certified as being 94.86%.

0 Double – By placing this bet on the Jackpot Darts game the RTP works out at 92.49%.

1 Double -This is one of the better paying wagering opportunities with an RTP of a large 97.06%.

2 Doubles – The long term expected RTP of this betting opportunity is 96.21%.

3 Doubles – Placing this bet will see you getting an RTP over the long term of 95.69%.

 0 Trebles – This is a fairly generous paying bet and one that has an RTP of 95.01%.

 1 Treble – Another bet with a fair RTP is the one which returns an RTP of some 96.63%.

2 Trebles – Placing this wager will see you getting a long term RTP of some 95.83%.

3 Trebles –The RTP of this betting opportunity is 95.81%.

The last remaining betting opportunities and their respective RTP’s are the Specific Single Bet which has an RTP of some 96.80%, the Outer Bull bets RTP is 95.52% and the Inner Bull bet has a low RTP of some  93.52%. Should you opt to place the Progressive side bet then that bets RTP is 90.88%.

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