Playtech’s Megaball Game Explained

playtech-megaballThere are several different number predicting games you will come across in several online casinos, however one that has proved very popular with players from the very day it went live is Playtech’s Megaball game.

Should you be looking for some alternative games to play which are numbers based and offer a completely different type of playing format to older games such as Keno, then do keep on reading for below we will highlight everything there is to know about this Megaball game, which is going to be of interest to a lot of players who are seeking something new to play.

How Megaball Works

Megaball is a number predicting game which sees a new game being set into live play every 60 seconds when you play this game online at Playtech powered sites you are playing it alongside any other players logged into that casino, however it is a solitary game so you will not be able to communicate with other players.

It is much like a lottery and as such the results of every game played are network wide so if you place your wagers on one game at a certain time then other players playing at the same time will get the same result from the game.

You are able to bet on up to eight different types of wagers, all of which are listed below, and you can bet on up to ten different events in each game you play, and for various stake levels, each individual wagering opportunity does of course come with its own set of payouts, and listed further down this review of Playtech’s Megaball game you will find the payout percentages that each wagering opportunity has attached to it.

As there is a fair amount of time (60 seconds) between each game then you will also be given the option of placing a set of wagers which will be included in up to the next 50 games, so you can place your wagers, set them to play for up to 50 consecutive games and then go and play another game should you not wish to wait for each one to begin.

You will also see an onscreen timer which counts down to the next live game, you can place a wager or series of wagers at any time up to the last ten seconds before the next game is due to start, so make sure you get your wagers placed well in advance of the next game starting or you may miss it.

Bet Types and RTP’s Offered on the Megaball Game

One each live drawing of the Megaball game six different balls which share one of three different colours will be randomly selected from the Megaball machine, the numbers in use on this game are from and including 1 to 48, and you are given the option of placing a wager on any of the following betting opportunities:

Jackpot Bet

One of the available bets is a progressive jackpot paying wager, and to place this wager you have to pick five of the 48 numbers in the hope that you chosen five numbers match those drawn out of the Megaball machine.

The seed amount of this jackpot is 20000 times your staked amount, and 85% of all wagers placed on this betting option are added to the live jackpot. The RTP of this wager is 92.33%, once a player places this wager and wins the progressive then the jackpot is reset to its seed value.

Colours Bet

When you place a Colours Bet you are given the option of picking one of the colours of the balls and then selecting just how many of the six balls drawn will be that colour. Based on you selecting one to six balls to be drawn out in your chosen colour the RTP of each of these bets are as follows:

No balls matching your chosen colour: 95.26%. One Colour Bet: 94.52%. Two Colour Bet: 94.94%. Three Colour Bet: 95.07%. Four Colour Bet: 94.90%. Five Colour Bet: 94.54%. Six Colours Bet 94.62%. So as you can see from those figures the best paying Colour bet is the No Colour Bet.

Sixth Ball Bet

You can place a wager on what number or the colour of the ball you think is going to be the last one drawn out of the Megaball machine, the Sixth Ball number bet has a RTP of 93.75% however the Sixth Ball Colour bet has a much better RTP of 95.00%.

Steps Bet

The Steps Bet is one where you will be able to bet that each consecutive number drawn out of the Megaball machine is going to be higher or lower than the preceding one, the RTP’s for these two bets are: Steps Higher Bet: 94.44%. Steps Lower Bet: 94.44%.

Total Sum Bet

You can bet that the combined total displayed on each ball will fall into one of several different number spreads, these spreads along with the RTP of each bet are as follows: 21 – 50 Bet: 95.71%. 51 – 100 Bet: 95.24%. 101 – 140 Bet: 95.27%. 141 – 160 Bet: 95.04%. 161 – 200 Bet: 95.11%. 201 – 250 Bet: 95.73%. 251 – 273 Bet: 94.71%.

First and Last Ball Bet

You can be on which number you think is going to the either the first one drawn out of the machine or the last one, both of these two Megaball betting opportunities offer a fairly high RTP and that is 95.00%.

Cocktail Bet

The Cocktail Bet is made up of to unique bets, the first is one where you are hoping at least one of the three different coloured balls will be drawn out and the Double Cocktail bet will see you hoping that two of each coloured balls get drawn. The Cocktail bet has a RTP of 93.65% and the Double Cocktail Bet come with a slightly better payout percentage of 94.35%.

Numbers Bet

You can bet on one individual number in the hope that it will be any of the six numbers drawn out of the Megaball machine or you can bet on up to four different numbers, the Jackpot Bet listed above is progressive bet on which you need to pick and match five numbers from the six drawn out.

The following RTP’s are attached to the one, two, three and four number bets respectively: 95.00%, 94.41%, 94.82% and 94.82%, so for the best winning opportunities on this bet type you should stick to the One Number Bet.

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