Playtech’s Multiple RTP Arcade Games

playtech-logoWhen playing at a Playtech software powered casino you are going to be able to access, for free or for real money, a range of Arcade games which are very unique in their design. Many of these games are based on games you often play at home or may have played as a child in the school playground many years ago, and as such they are very Retro games and can be great fun to play.

The one main difference between Playtech’s Arcade based games and their online slot machines or video poker games for example, is that many of them offer a different RTP based on which bet you place on each of the many different available betting options on each game.

This does of course mean there is an art to playing some of these games, and that is to simply place your wager on the betting opportunity that offers the highest payout percentage, as by doing so you will be getting the best paybacks the more you place those respective bets.

With this in mind, below you are going to find a complete listing of several of the Arcade games on offer at Playtech powered casinos, and alongside each of them are the best paying betting opportunities by virtue of their respective RTP, we will also highlight the wagers with the worst associated long term expected RTP’s so you can avoid placing those types of wagers.

Rubik’s Riches Game – There is just one expected payout percentage when you play the Rubik’s Riches game and this is 94.50% which is quite a high RTP when you compare it to some of Playtech’s slot games.

Mini Roulette – When Playing Playtech’s Mini Roulette game, do not think that due to there being fewer numbers on the wheel you have a much greater chance of winning! This is due to the RTP of this game being 96.15% which is lower than the RTP of their French and European Roulette games, which are the games you ought to be playing if you wish to have a Roulette game playing session.

Spin a Win Game – You are faced with having to predict the outcome of a spinning wheel when playing the Spin a Win game at Playtech casinos, however as there are a huge number of betting propositions the RTP’s on each of them do vary. If you do decide to play this game then only place wagers on the Any One Number, 1 to 6, 7 to 12, 13 to 18 or the 19 to 24 betting locations for these have an RTP of 97.50%. The poorest paying wager is the Higher than 4, Lower than 21 bet which returns a payout percentage of a very low 91.67%, so never be tempted to place that wager.

Medusa’s Gaze – This is another number predicting type of game found in all Playtech software powered casino sites. The RTP on all of the betting locations s the same and as such you can place a bet on any of them and benefit from the 96.60% RTP associated with each wagering opportunity.

Heads or Tails Game – You are able to play a single coin or a multi coin game when playing the Heads or Tails game from Playtech. Should you prefer to play the single coin game then the best paying wagering opportunities are the Consecutive Wins  1 or More and the Consecutive Wins – 2 or More wagers which both return 95.00%, the poorest paying bet for reference is the Consecutive Wins – 3 or More bet which has an RTP of just 93.75%.

Betting on the 2 heads or two tails wagering options on the two coin game version is going to see you getting a RTP of 95.00% on the Consecutive Wins – 1 or More wagering opportunity with both the Consecutive Wins – 2 or More and the Consecutive Wins – 3 or More betting options returning just  93.75%.

Finally the two coin game when you are betting on one head or 1 tail wagering options will see the best RTP on offer being for the Double Coin Game – 1 Head/1 Tail Consecutive Wins – 1 or More bet which has a long term expected RTP of some 95.00% which is identical to the Consecutive Wins – 2 or More bet, the worst paying bet is the Consecutive Wins – 3 or More on this game which returns a payout percentage of a much lower 93.75%.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game – There are three possible streaks that you can bet on when playing the Rock, Paper and Scissors Arcade based game at any Playtech powered casino site and the respective RTP’s on each of these betting opportunities are as follows;

2 consecutive wins will return a winning payout of 8.7 times you bet amount and the RTP of this wagering option is 96.67%. The 3 consecutive wins 2 consecutive wins will return a winning payout of 26 times you bet amount and the RTP of this wagering option is 96.30%.

Should you place a wager on 4 consecutive wins, and you are successful then the winning payout is x78 your bet amount and the RTP of this wager is 96.30%.

Keno Game – When playing Playtech’s Keno game the three number bet is the best one you can select and play as its RTP is 92.96%, the  poorest valued bet on this Keno game is the nine number bet which has been designed to return over the long term an RTP of just 92.00%.

Genie’s Hi Lo Game – You may find the Genie’s Hi Low game to your liking, for all you have to do is to predict whether the next number to be drawn out is going to be higher or lower than the last one. The best wager you can place if you opt to play this Arcade game is the Red Bet which returns an RTP of 96.86% the poorest valued wagering opportunity attached to this game is the Black bet which has an RTP of just 93.14%.

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