Playtech’s New Video Roulette Game

rouletteThere are quite a number of Roulette game variants to be found at Playtech powered casinos, however thanks to the addition of a brand new game, that being the Video Roulette game you now have yet another one at your disposal.

There are some major differences in the way this brand new Video Roulette game works which does make it a somewhat unique type of game, and today we shall give you a complete run through on just what separates this Roulette game from all others.

Video Roulette Display

The main difference between Video Roulette and all other Roulette games you will find at Playtech powered sites and in fact at all other online casino sites is the actual way the outcome of the game is displayed.

When playing most online Roulette games as soon as you click on the Spin button to set the game into play, computer generated graphics and used to simulate the ball spinning around the wheel and then landing in a numbered ball well.

However, when you set the ball into motion on Playtech’s new Video Roulette game a video clip is played out and this will show the ball spinning around the wheel and then coming to a complete stop in one of the number wells, and as such this particular Roulette game variant is as near to playing Live Roulette as you can get without actually playing Live Roulette.

A random number generator is still in use on this game, however once you have placed your wagers onto the Roulette table and then have clicked on the Spin button the random number generator will pick a winning number and the respective video footage of that number being spun in is played out on your screen.

Tiny House Edge

The house edge of Playtech’s Video Roulette game is very low and is just 1.35% making the long term expected payout percentage of this game 98.65%, this is due to this game being classed as a French Roulette game due to a La Partage game playing rule.

Should you have placed a bet of any value on any of the locations on the betting layout that have a payout of even money, for example the odd betting box or the red betting box, should a zero then be spun in you will not lose any of these even money paying bets you have just placed, instead you will get half of your stake money placed on those locations back.

This is what makes the house edge and long term expected payout percentage of Video Roulette so very appealing, and as such we would suggest you give this game some play time if of course you are a fan of playing online Roulette.

You will be able to give this Video Roulette as much play time as you like in a no risk environment should you wish to test drive this new game, and to do this simply log into any of our featured Playtech powered casino sites as a guest player.

Stakes and Payouts

There is a very large spread of different stake levels at which you can play Video Roulette for, the minimum permitted wager is a tiny 0.50, so if you like playing for low valued chips then you are going to be able to do just that.

The maximum table stake limit per spin is set quite high are 3600.00 per spin, and as such this is going to appeal to both high rollers and possibly system players whose playing strategy calls for them to lower then raise their stakes at various points in their session.

You are actually able to set the chip values at which you play this game for from as low as just 0.20, however be aware you do need to place a minimum bet of 0.50 on at least one betting location before you can set the game into live play.

As Playtech’s Video Roulette game is based on French Roulette then you are going to find only one zero on the wheel, you are also going to be able to place all of the usual bets and wager types associated with this variant, and all of the payouts awarded are industry standard, so a straight up winning number bet will pay 35 to 1, a split bet pays 17 to 1 and so on.

Number History Displays

The most noticeable feature that Video Roulette offers players is a set of quite in-depth number history displays, not only are you going to be able to instantly see a list of all of the previously spun in numbers, but there is also a hot and cold number display box which will let you to which numbers are spinning in more regularly than others and also which numbers have not appeared for quite some time.

To make these hot and cold and number history displays as useful as is possible they only are attached to your game playing session, so if you are thematically minded and are demanding as much information as is possible on your own unique Roulette playing session then this game will be right up your street.

The control buttons for this Video Roulette game are big and very easy to locate and use and you will find that you can speed the game up by turning on the Turbo option should you wish to rattle through as many spins as is possible, and you are also able to repeat the last set of wagers you placed onto the table in one click of the Repeat button, you can also instantly double the value of all previously placed wagers and this is done by clicking on the aptly named Double button.

We are very impressed by the design, look and feel of the Video Roulette game and as such are more than happy to showcase it as one of our featured games, give it a try one day soon, if you love playing Roulette you will love playing this variant.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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