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Welcome to the guide to playing Pontoon online for money. Pontoon is one of the earliest variations of Blackjack invented, and has since become one of the most popular world-wide. Below you will find the best online casinos for Pontoon games, as well as, rules and strategy for winning money at online Pontoon.

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Blackjack may be the number one casino card counting game where players attempt to get as close to 21 without going over but it is far from the only one. Pontoon has a slightly different feel and there is a uniquely English twist to this game. In fact, “twist” is one of the differences you will find with this game because rather than saying “hit” when you want another card, you “twist” in pontoon. Language differences between the English and American nations aside, there are some different rules and payouts in pontoon.

Some of these changes will be of benefit to the player and others will be of benefit to the house so there is no way to say that these changes make one game better than the other option. Some blackjack players will prefer to play pontoon as a break from playing their main game whereas some people will have a preference for the English style game. With a number of online casinos providing both options, players can get the best of both worlds.

How to Play Pontoon

Pontoon is the British version of the highly popular standard online blackjack game with slightly different rules and a few new card combinations, it offers a refreshing change and can also be an excellent source of both fun and challenge. Pontoon uses a standard 52 card deck and allows for no more than 8 players to play in a single game.

The aim in Pontoon is to obtain a hand that is worth as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. If the player’s hand is worth more than that of the banker’s and hasn’t gone over 21 points, then the player wins. If the hand is worth less than that of the bankers, then the player loses. If the player exceeded 21 points, then he/she “busts” (i.e.: loses). And finally, if there is a tie between the player and banker then the win is always awarded to the banker. Receiving exactly 21 points is called “Pontoon”, and just like in Blackjack, this is the origin of the game’s name. Pontoon can only be achieved by receiving an Ace and a face card (Jack, Queen or King).

Online Pontoon For Real Money

Pontoon is a relatively quick game and there are few steps to follow in order to play it. The first step is choosing a banker to deal the cards. Once the banker has been assigned, the game starts. Each player is dealt in a clockwise direction their first card face down, and everyone except the banker is allowed to see what they have received. Based on the strength of this initial card, each player makes his/her bet. Once the bets have been made, everyone is dealt a second card face down, which again, can only be viewed by the players.

There are several ways by which players are able to improve their hands and get closer to 21 points. The first option is to ‘buy’ additional cards, which means that after receiving an extra card, the player must either match or double his/her original bet. In this case the card is dealt face down and there is a limit of no more than 5 cards. The second option is to receive an additional card without adding money to the original bet, for which the catch is that the card is dealt face up. Here too there is a limit of 5 cards. The final option is to “stick” – which in Blackjack terms means to stand (not accept any more cards), and in Pontoon this can only be done when the player has a minimum of 15 points.

A Pontoon is the highest ranking hand. After it is a “five card trick”, which is any 5 card hand that has not exceeded 21 points. The third best hand is one which is comprised of no more than 4 cards and has not yet busted. Coming in last is obviously, a bust.

Best Pontoon Casino Online

We have detailed the best casinos online that offer Pontoon below:

WinPalace Casino: Best Pontoon Casino Online

With WinPalace Casino aiming to serve up as many online card games as possible, the arrival of Pontoon on the site should not be a surprise. In fact, given some of the other card games that can be found on the site, it was a safe bet that you would be able to enjoy this game at Win Palace. It is also a safe bet that you will be able to enjoy the welcome offer at Win Palace which provides players with two 200% matched deposit bonuses when they sign up.

Casino Titan: Best Pontoon Casino Online

Casino Titan gives casino players as many card games as possible and there is a lot to enjoy about the full range. Whatever your favorite style of card game is, it is likely that Casino Titan will have something up their sleeve that you will enjoy and that includes Pontoon. You will definitely enjoy the $7 no deposit bonus that comes from signing up for the site. You are also likely to highly enjoy a 400% matched deposit bonus that is available when players make their first deposit.

Spin Palace Casino: Best Pontoon Casino Online

Spin Palace Casino likes Pontoon and other card games so much that they deliver them in live dealer format and in standard online casino options. No matter what sort of casino card game you enjoy best, Spin Palace is able to provide and they have Pontoon games for you to take advantage of. The Spin Palace Casino also allows players to take advantage of the fact that there are three matched deposit bonuses on offer when players sign up.

Slots Jungle: Best Pontoon Casino Online

Slots Jungle Casino has a simple yet highly effective Pontoon game, which is very much in keeping with the style and nature of the game itself. There are not many casino sites that provide as relaxed an atmosphere as Slots Jungle can offer and the appearance of Pontoon on the site is an indicator of this. Any Pontoon player looking for a great welcome bonus will love the 4 matched deposit bonuses of 250% that Slots Jungle provides to their new players.

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