Progressive Casino Game Questions and Answers

As you will know there are plenty of online casino games available on which at any moment when playing those games you could end up winning a progressive jackpot, however you do have to be aware of the actual way in which a progressive online casino game has been designed for if you have not put into play a certain playing or wagering structure for the game you are playing you may not have any chance what so ever of winning the progressive jackpot.

As playing progressive casino games is something that most players will do at one time or another when logged into an online casino site below we will to present to you as part of our series of Online Casino Game Questions and Answers our progressive casino games questions and answers guide which we encourage you to read through if you wish to play these types of games online.

To help you fully master the art of playing progressive casino games online we have compiled several other playing guides and articles that compliment this one and these include out guides on What Real Series Slots Share a Progressive Jackpot and also our article which answers the question of How Much Do I Have to Wager to Win a Progressive Jackpot.

You may also find both our What 3 Reel Progressive Slots Game Can I Play Online and our Best Progressive Jackpot Awarding Video Slots guides of interest to you. But let us know answer many of your general progressive casino game questions.

How regularly are Progressive Jackpots won Online?

It may surprise you to learn that some progressive jackpots are won every couple of minutes online! Those jackpots are however the smaller valued ones attached to slot games such as Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot slots and the Mega Moolah series of slots found in Microgaming powered casino sites. However you will find most three reel classic slot games can and often do payout their jackpots once every one or two days on average.

Can I Play Progressive Video Poker Games Online?

You are able to play a small yet varied range of video poker games online which offer you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, you will find the Jackpot Deuces and Supajax games on offer at Microgaming powered casino sites and Playtech powered casinos always have their own unique progressive video poker game which is called Mega Jacks.

Are There any Progressive Game Playing Tips Available?

The only real tips we can pass onto you for playing any type of progressive casino game online is to wait until the jackpots on the games have risen far in excess of the usual average amounts awarded to progressive jackpot winners, for the higher a jackpot rises then the more overdue it becomes.

What Proportion of my Stakes Feed a Progressive Jackpot?

There is a lot of difference in regards to just how much of your stake money is used to feed the progressive jackpot pools when playing at an online casino site, for the type of slot you choose to play and just how many progressive jackpots that game has on offer will all have a bearing on the proportion of your stakes used to feed the jackpot pools, however it is never usually more than a few percentage points of your maximum bet stake amount.

When is the Best Time to Play Progressive Casino Games?

There is never really a good time or a bad time to play progressive slot games for all of those available at our listed and approved online casino sites award their jackpots at random when the random number generator has decided the time has come to award them! However, in regards to playing a progressive slot when its jackpot is higher than it has ever reached before that is possibly a very good time to play it as the jackpot may just be about to be won when it reaches a new record high value.

Can I Win a Progressive Jackpot More Than Once Per Playing Session?

It is possible but extremely rare that you could win more than one progressive jackpot when taking part in one single slot playing session online, however if you do want to have the chance of doing just that then you are best off playing slots such as the Marvel jackpot slots or the Mega Moolah slot games found in the gaming suite of Playtech and Microgaming powered sites respectively, for they have several jackpots on offer and the smaller valued ones get awarded and won by players every few minutes.

Who Has Won the Most Progressive Jackpots?

There have been over the years some slot players playing at online casinos that have managed to win progressive jackpots more than once, in fact many years ago there was a lady playing at a Microgaming powered site who won the Cash Splash jackpot a number of times, however she was an avid fan of that slot and as such she did play it for very long periods, and the longer and more often you play any progressive slot game the more chances you will have of winning the jackpot attached to that slot game.

Which Progressive Games Pays Out its Jackpot Most Often?

In regards to just which slot games award their jackpots the most often, those offering a much less substantial sized jackpot such as the Fruit Fiesta slot and the Cash Splash slot it is often the case they will award their jackpots every day or so, however they can go for many days until they award their respective jackpot.

The randomly award low valued jackpots as mentioned above are won every few minutes but due to those jackpots being small in size they are not worth playing a slot game for! There can be some slots that may not award their jackpots for weeks, months or even years so always make sure you are aware of just how regularly some online slot games payout their jackpots as you are best off avoiding those that hardly ever pay them out.

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