Progressive Slot Jackpot Seed Values

mega-moolah-logoWhen you play any type of Progressive slot game you will see the Jackpot rising in value when you play them. The rate at which the jackpots increase can and does vary depending on just which slot it is you are playing along with just how many people are playing that particular slot at the same time as you. The more players playing a progressive slot will of course mean the jackpot will increase much more rapidly than is the case when only a small number of players are playing it.

However, when a progressive jackpot slot pays out its jackpot then it will have its jackpot reset to something known as its Seed Value. This is an amount of cash that the designer of the game has chosen as the lowest amount that any one progressive slot games jackpot is going to be, and once the jackpot has just paid out the progressive meter will then drop down to that amount and will, as more players play that game, start to rise in value again.

To give you some ideas of the seed values on a range of slot machines we have listed several of them below, this will allow you to spot just when one of them has recently paid out, as by taking a quick glance at the jackpot meter if it is anywhere near the following values then that means one lucky player has just won the jackpot.

By knowing just what the seed values are then it will help you avoid playing slot games that have just paid out, for it is very rare that any slot game is going to payout its jackpot twice in very close succession.

Microgaming’s Progressive Slot Game Seed Values

As Microgaming have the biggest range of progressive slots then it is probably going to be their range of these types of games you want to play, for not only is there plenty of different progressive slots on offer, but the jackpots attached to them grow very quickly due to the huge number of players playing them at any time of the day or night.

Mega Moolah Slot Seed Value – As Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot has four progressive jackpots on offer and the jackpots are attached to several different versions of the game then you will of course find the values currently displayed on each jackpot meter is going to vary every time you glance at them. The jackpot seed values of the Mega Moolah slot games four jackpots are as follows:  Mini Jackpot 10.00, Minor Jackpot 100.00, Major Jackpot 10,000.00 and the Mega Jackpots seed value is 1,000,000.00.

Major Millions Jackpot Seed Value – Three different MajorMillion’s slots feed the one progressive jackpot pool, these are the three reel version of the game along with both the video slot and mega spins slot versions of Major Millions. This does of course mean that you can win the jackpot playing any of them and when someone does win the jackpot then the Major Millions jackpot is reset to a seed value of 250,000.00.

Tunzamunni Jackpot Seed Value – Five coins which are fixed at values of 0.05 have to be sent into play on Microgaming’s Tunzamunni slot for you to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and whilst this is therefore quite a low stake slot the jackpot can become huge in value, when it is won the jackpot will then reset to a seed value of 10,000.00.

Treasure Nile Seed Value – One of Microgaming’s more unusual video progressive slots is their Treasure Nile slot game, it can be described as unusual for although it is a video slot you cannot trigger any type of bonus game feature when playing it. Nine paylines have to be set into play for the ninth payline is the one that the progressive jackpot is awarded on, and when won the reset seed value which will be displayed on the jackpot meter is 40,000.00.

King Cashalot Seed Value – The King Cashalot slot, unlike the one named above is a video slot on which a pick to win type bonus game feature can be won as can an ever rising progressive jackpot. The seed value which the slot will display once the jackpot has been awarded is a fairly substantial 100,000.00, and the jackpot has been known to grow to some very large amounts, so it may be a slot you could enjoy playing if you like bonus games and huge jackpots.

Fruit Fiesta Seed Value – The progressive jackpot may not look that valuable when it has been reset to its seed value on the Fruit Fiesta slot game, for it has a seed value of just 800.00! However as this slot is a very low stake slot which does get a lot of attention from players the jackpot never stays that low for very long and can rise to some large amounts, and when its jackpot is quite high then that is the best time to get stuck into playing it.

Lotsaloot Seed Value – The final Microgaming progressive slot which you may be interested in playing is their Lotsaloot slot, this is both a 3 reel slot and a five reel basic video slot, however you have to play maximum bet spins when playing any of them to have a chance of getting the progressive jackpot and both versions feed the same progressive jackpot. As soon as the Lotsaloot slot pays out its jackpot then it will reset to a seed value of 2,500.00.

Microgaming Progressive Slot Seed Value Anomalies

It is worth pointing out that the progressive jackpots found attached to all Microgaming slots use UK Pounds Sterling as their base values, but as you can play them in many different currencies, should a jackpot be won in any other currency then the jackpot displayed on the slots jackpot meter is awarded in that different currency.

This will occasionally then result in the seed value being reset to a different value than those listed above based on the exchange rate offered by the Microgaming progressive network. This often sees the seed value include any differences in the value from the currency it was won and its current exchange rate value against the Pound.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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