Progressive Slot Machine Playing Tips

We have plenty of slot tips and strategy guides here on the Casinos for Money website, however one category of slot that we have overlooked are progressive slot games, and as we are aware there are a large number of players who enjoy playing these slots, we have compiled a series of articles that are going to help you improve your winning chances when playing these types of slots online.

Progressive Slot Machine RTP’s

You will find that there are several online slot games which whilst they have the same name and share the same progressive jackpot pools often come as differently structured slots, and there is often some quite noticeable differences in regards to the long term expected payout percentages that these types of slots have attached to them.

With this in mind we would strongly suggest you take a look at our guide to Progressive Slot Game Payout Percentages, for by doing so we will reveal to you the RTP’s on a range of online progressive slot games and you will be able to compare a range of slots that may share the same name but that come with completely different payout percentages.

By comparing the RTP’s you will of course be able to instantly spot which slots you ought to be playing and which ones should be avoided, if of course you want to be playing the slots offering you the best chances of winning.

Progressive Slot Game Strategies and Playing Systems

Sitting playing progressive slot games with a lucky Rabbits Foot or a Four Leafed Clover somewhere about your person is going to have no effect on you winning chances, however what we would advise you to do if you want to have an enhanced chance of walking away with what could turn out to be a life changing jackpot win, is to have a good look through our Winning Progressive Slot Game Strategies article.

For by doing so we are going to let you take a look at several playing strategies and a range of hints and playing tips that may just help you learn how to play these particular types of huge paying slot games much more strategically and optimally.

Choosing a Progressive Slot Game to Play

As you are going to find a large array of quite different structured and designed slot games on which a progressive jackpot or even more than one progressive jackpot can be won we would suggest you have a look through our Progressive Slot Game Types and Categories guide.

As that guide is going to showcase to you all of the different kinds of progressive slots that you are going to be able to access at various different casinos utilizing different gaming platforms, and as there are plenty of these type of slots readily available by knowing what each one of them has to offer you, finding your perfect slot to play is going to be much easier once of course you have taken a good long look through that guide.

Once you have found a gaming platform offering you the type of progressive game you are most interested in play then of course you will be asking Where Can I Play Progressive Slots Online? We have an overview of all of our top rated casino sites which will enlighten you on the gaming platforms offered at each site and will also give you an insight into what additional benefits will be bestowed upon you by playing at any of our handpicked online casinos.

How often are Progressive Jackpots Won?

One question that you may have if you choose to start playing progressive jackpots online as opposed to play them in a land based casinos, is just how often the jackpots attached to these types of games are paid to and won by players.

This of course will all be dependent on just which slot game you are thinking of playing, for there are some slots which rarely award their progressive jackpots and it can take months and months for them to finally payout, but when they do the jackpot that will be won will be enormous.

However, what you will find when playing for example at Microgaming powered casinos is that many of their slot games offer jackpots in the tens of thousands of Pounds, Euros, Dollars region and those slots due to them getting a lot of attention from players award their jackpots every couple of days on average, sometimes even twice a day.

If you are looking to play slots on which you are going to find the jackpots on offer can be won every few minutes then it will be the random jackpot slots that are the ones you should be playing. Take for example Microgaming’s Mega Moolah series of progressive slots, these slots have four live jackpots which increase in size.

When you play any Mega Moolah slot the two lower valued progressive jackpots are won every few minutes whilst the much larger third and fourth jackpots are not won as often. However, the main advantage of playing these types of slots is that you can happily play them for any stake amount which can be as low as one penny per spin, and even when playing for stakes that low you have a chance of winning one of the four progressive jackpots.

Do have a look at each of our slot playing tips and strategies guides and articles that we have linked into this web page, for by doing so we are going to furnish you with all of the information you will need to be able to locate and play the best paying progressive jackpots, and we will also enlighten you on the best ways to play these type of slot machines to increase your winning chances.

Remember that the only way as a player you are going to win a progressive jackpot is by actually playing a slot that offers a progressive jackpot, so you cannot win it unless you play it.

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