Progressive Slots Offering Different Playing Structures

major-millions-5-reel-slotYou are going to find offered at Microgaming software powered casinos a range of slot games which not only offer you the chance to win a progressive jackpot, but slots which offer you two completely different playing structures.

Some of the original slot games that Microgaming launched include games such as their Cash Splash slot, the Wow Pot slot, the Fruit Fiesta Slot and their Major Millions Slot game, and all of these slots were designed as simple three reel slots either offering players the ability to place more than one coin per spin on their single paylines, or players could, on a couple of them, play more than one payline.

However, Microgaming did soon realise that whilst the chance to win a huge cash jackpot is appealing to many players not all of those players enjoy playing the classical type of 3 reel slots, and as such they launched a range of 5 reel video slot games which share the same name as those slots we have just mentioned and also share the same jackpot pools, however these slots give players the chance of playing multiple paylines via the video reel design.

Below you will find an overview of these 5 reel video slot games and we take a look at what is unique about them all, have a look through this listing for they are all unique and offer players the chance of winning a huge cash prize, but only when you play them in a certain way.

Should any single slot named below take your fancy, then click on that slot games name and we will show you our informative slot game review of that slot so you can see the finer points of playing it along with that games fact and figures.

Cash Splash Slot Game Variants

The latest Cash Splash slot game to be launched by Microgaming is their Cash Splash 5 Reel Slot which as the name suggest comes with a set of five video reels, the only major difference between this and the 3 Reel Cash Splash Slot is that it offers 15 optional paylines as opposed to just one payline.

The maximum stake per spin is 3.00 on both variants, and you do need to be aware that the only way you can win the jackpot on the video slot version of this game is by spinning in the jackpot logo symbols on the fifteenth payline, the coin values on the video version are set at 0.20 and the single payline slots coin values are 1.00, however on that game you have to play three coins per spin to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Both of these two Cash Splash slots share the same progressive jackpot pool which means you are going to have an equal chance of winning it no matter which slot you opt to play.

Different Types of Major Millions Themed Slots

You are going to be able to play three different versions of the Major Millions slot game online, there is a classic 3 Reel Major Millions Slot, a Major Millions Video Slot as well as a Multi Spin Major Millions Slot, so if you are a fan of this particular slot, Microgaming have made sure you are always going to have plenty of chances of winning the huge jackpot on offer.

All three of these slots require players to play a maximum 3.00 wager to have the chance of winning the jackpot, however do be aware that if you opt to play the Multi Spin Major Millions variant you need to wager 18.00 to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and this is due simply to you being able to play six spins per single game played.

Wow Pot Slot Game Variants

There are currently two differently structured Wow Pot slots available at Microgaming powered sites, the main aspect of the two slots is that unlike the ones named above the actual stakes required to set them into live play are much lower.

The 3 Reel Wow Pot Slot is a fixed coin slot which means you are unable to adjust the coin values as they are worth 0.50, and you have to wager 3 coins to have a chance of winning its jackpot, the 5 Reel Wow Pot slot on the other hand has coin values fixed at 0.10, however as the jackpot is only paid when you spin in the jackpot symbols on the fifteenth payline it will cost you the same as the other slot to have a chance of winning the progressive, namely 1.50 per spin.

Both of these two Wow Pot slots share the same progressive pool so when you are playing either of them you have a chance of walking away with the progressive and your stakes are feeding the same jackpot pool but only when you wager 1.50 in total per spin.

As far as bonus games or bonus features go neither of the two slots that make up this Wow Pot series of slots have any type of bonus feature, but the 3 reel version does come with Wild Multiplier symbols.

Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel and 5 Reel Variants

The Fruit Fiesta slot may appeal to you if you prefer low stake slot games. The 3 Reel Fruit Fiesta Slot has coin values of just 0.25 but there are three optional paylines that you can opt to put into live play and the jackpot is only paid when you line up the three logo symbols on payline number three, and as such that version will cost you 0.75 per spin to have any chance of winning the jackpot.

The 5 Reel Fruit Fiesta Slot is a 15 payline slot and the coin values on that slot are fixed at 0.05, however much like the slot game above the jackpot can only be won when all of the jackpot symbols line up on payline number 15 and as such the stake required to have a chance of winning it is the same as the three reel slot which is 0.75 per spin.

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