Pros and Cons of Playing at Multi Platform Casinos

You may have noticed a new breed of casinos available to play online, and unlike their predecessors these new casino sites are offering what is known as a multi software platform, this is simply one casino site that offers lots of casino games from different game suppliers.

In this article we are going to look at the pros and cons of utilizing one of these new multi platform casino sites, as we have found there are several advantages of opting to play at these sites and once you find out what they are you may wish to give one of them a try yourself, however the opposite may also be true and you may be better of sticking to a casino offering just one software providers range of casino games.

Bigger Choice of Casino Games

The main advantage of playing at a multi software casino site is that you are going to have access to a huge number of different casino games, whilst it is true to say that some software and casino game suppliers such as Playtech and NetEnt do have a huge selection of games on offer at all casino using their gaming platforms, by moving your gaming action over to one of these new casinos you will be able to play additional new games which you may never have played before.

The added benefit of this is that when you fancy playing a range of different games you are no longer forced to have to move over to another casino site, log in, deposit then finally get round to playing those games.

However, having said that not all the games available at casinos which utilize just one gaming platform are on offer at multi platform casino sites, and as such you may find that some of your favourites games are not available at these sites and if that is the case then you will not get any benefit of playing at such a site.

Instant Play Casino Games

What you will notice is that all multi platform casino sites offer only a no download, instant play range of games, the reason for this is simply that to integrate fully downloadable games from different software and casino game suppliers is not as straight forward as offering them via an instant play, Flash powered platform.

The fact that the casino games load quickly at multi platform casino sites may appeal to you, however as they do need downloading individually from time to time if you have a slow internet connect then you may have to wait several minutes for each game to load, and this can get a little annoying if you like to swap games regularly.

By playing at a fully downloadable casino site the games only need downloading once and new games when they are launched are automatically downloaded in the background which means if you are slightly impatient and want to play the games you want to play with no delays then it may be best avoiding the multi platform casino sites and sticking to a downloadable casino offering just one providers games.

Comps and Bonuses

It is true to say that by keeping all of your real money gaming action to just one online casino then you are going to be earning many more comps and loyalty points than you would by playing at multiple different sites, and as such this is one benefit of choosing to play at a multi platform casino site.

However some online casinos who are part of a group of sites all using one software providers games will let you pool your comp points at all of the casinos which make up their group of casinos and as such if you prefer let’s say Microgaming games simply choose a group of casinos that offer this facility and avoid multi platform casinos.

Bonuses are not really a problem no matter what type of casino site you choose to play at for each individual casino will offer their own new player and ongoing bonus offers and it is up to you to track down the ones offering the biggest and most regular bonus offers if you demand lots of bonuses.

New Casino Games

It is often the casinos that use just one software providers range of casino games that have the biggest choice of new casino games, for the licensees of these casinos have to pay a premium to have new games added every month of the year or at regular intervals, and as such you are going to find the best range of brand new games as sites using one software platform.

However having said that we have noticed some casino games being launched by some providers that are not available at their stand alone casino sites, so with a little hunting around you may come across casino games that you have never seen or played before.

Trustworthy Casino Sites

You are always best off sticking to playing at casino sites that use one of the major software providers games or one of the multi platform casinos, there are many different reasons for us saying this and the first is that sites using well known software providers are fully vetted before they can become a licensee of these companies, and also the game providers also insist that each licensee obtains a full online gaming license from a recognised gaming jurisdiction.

You will find that many of the online casinos that us one of the lesser well known or new gaming platforms often are not holders of a gaming license or if they are they have been granted from countries not renowned for their high standard and strict codes of ethics.

All of the online casinos listed on our website hold full and valid gaming licenses and all of the software providers powering each and every single one of our reviewed casinos are time proven and all of their games have been certified independently as fair and random.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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