The Pros and Cons of Joining a Casino’s VIP Program

vip casinos pros and cons

There are a wide selection of online casino operators. They all offer incentives in the form of cash bonuses and free spins. With so many online casinos offering promotions, it can be hard to decide which casino is right for you. In order to keep your repeat custom, casinos are now going one step further and offering VIP or loyalty scheme. Such casinos include for example William Hill. This blog is designed to help you choose whether or not VIP benefits are really worth it. We weigh up the pros and cons of being part of an online VIP scheme.


Reaching a goal

VIP schemes often have different tiers or levels that players can reach to gain more bonuses. When you sign up and play, you will typically be at the beginner level. The more you deposit and play, the quicker you will move through the levels and reach the top tiers.

These VIP schemes are formatted in a way that promotes a challenge. You can see your progress through the levels and will have a clear understanding of what you need to do to reach your goal. If you reach the top tiers, there are big rewards to be claimed. Casinos have very lucrative VIP packages for their most loyal customers and this does give you an incentive to reach the top of your game.

VIP Rewards

VIP schemes are full of potential. They offer an array of promotions and benefits that are exclusive to VIP members. By earning VIP points, you can be get rewarded with many gifts and prizes. You will benefit from regular bonuses, a VIP program manager, faster payouts, exclusive access and invitations to events, holiday giveaways and more.

Personalised Support

One perk of being a VIP member at an online casino is the access to a VIP account manager. They will look after you in every way and will be on call when you need them. This means that you no longer have to wait around for a representative to get back to you. You will have access to stellar support instantly!

A VIP manager is certainly an invaluable tool that you can use to great effect. Having someone to assist you can really enrich your gambling experience. Just remember that they are people too, so don’t abuse them.


Waiting for your invitation

Some casino operators use the level format (mentioned above). This means that you are already making an ascent up the VIP ladder as soon as you join. However, most VIP schemes operate on an invite-only basis. This means that you will have to be a regular depositor and satisfy a certain standard before being invited to the VIP life.

Depending on how much you frequent the site, gaining your VIP status could take a while. It is important to note, that some VIP schemes invite all new players to join too. However, this renders the very nature of the VIP scheme pointless. There’s no point being VIP if everyone can sign up to it.

Play, Play, Play

In order to maintain your VIP status you may get caught up in playing as often as you can and probably more than you should. The fact that there are levels that can be reached may drive you to make progress, regardless of whether you feel like it or not. If you don’t progress through the levels, you may feel like you are not reaching a goal. It is important that you remain a smart gambler. Do not let gambling take over your life or your bank balance.

This is how gambling can turn into an addiction, constantly spending money can have a significant impact on your finances. This is not to say that VIP schemes cause problem gambling, but it can increase the chances of that happening.

Big promise don’t always pay off

Many VIP schemes talk up their bonus promotions and benefits. However, in reality the scheme can be somewhat of an anti-climax. The casino may promise things that it cannot provide. When this occurs, it is a real let down and can leave players feeling cheated out of their money.

Casinos are very good at enticing players with exciting promotions. They don’t often make empty promises, but when they do, it can be a real bad experience for the player. We advise that you contact another VIP member before deciding if the package is right for you.


VIP and loyalty schemes are merely an extension of the casino’s already existing promotions. Whether not you decide to join or not is completely up to you. Just remember to do your research and use smart gambling practices when trying to reach a VIP status.

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