Psychic Ability & Gambling

If we could see into the future we would never again be able to enjoy an episode of “Lost”… And if we could know everything other people are trying to keep hidden, and vice versa, how could we survive a family get together and holiday dinners?

When it comes to revealing information that is beyond our reach, there are two kinds of psychic abilities: the one is clairvoyance, and the other is called precognition. The difference between the two is timing: having clairvoyance means you can predict something that hadn’t happen yet, while precognition means you can know something that already happened but hasn’t been revealed to you just yet.

You can translate it to the world of gambling like this: If you play roulette for money being clairvoyant will tell you what number will come up (pretty useful for keno players too, not to mention national lottery players). Although the event didn’t happen yet, a person with this kind of psychic ability will be able to predict the outcome.

Precognition is a great skill if you like doing card trick. It means that you can tell the outcome of something that happened, even when this outcome occurred out of your sight. So if you have precognition abilities, you know what cards were dealt even when you can’t see them, which makes you one hell of a poker player.

Luckily, a paranormal capability is usually a luxury reserved for comic book heroes. And yet, there are people walking among us, innocent-looking enough, who posses stronger intuition. Somehow their gut feelings help them hit the target even when they’re blindfolded. Could you be one of these people? Take the test!

The psychic ability test examines whether you can predict the future or perceive the unknown. All you have to do is guess what card the program is going to pick, or which card it already picked. If you can crack the test program, then you are more gifted than you thought! The test is built like a guessing game where you determine the number of rounds. At the end of the test, the program evaluates your psychic capability. Or, as it is in most cases, lack there of …

Forecasting the future or seeing through the back of the card could undoubtedly be extremely profitable. But would you really want to play in such conditions? It would make the games a whole other experience, wouldn’t it? It would take away the magic of casino games. The magic of taking a gamble on the unknown, only to experience the exciting raptures of feeling like you’ve been touched by luck. You can’t put price on feeling lucky!

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