Most Commonly Asked Online Blackjack Questions

In our ongoing series of Casino Game Questions and Answers articles in this one we turn our attention over to the game of Blackjack, and below you will find each of the questions many first time online blackjack players are seeking the answers to. In addition to these questions and answers guide please do checkout our additional ones which enlighten you on the House Edge of All Online Blackjack Games and one which enlightens you as to the Number of Decks in Online Blackjack Games.

What Determines Online Blackjack Games are fair?

There is a random number generator at each and every online casino site and that is what ensures that every single card dealt out to you has been randomly selected. All of our featured online casino sites have their random number generators continually audited to ensure they are fair and random at all times.

What Stakes Can I Play Blackjack Online For?

You will often find that you are going to be able to place a wager as low as 1.00 on online Blackjack games, however in regards to how high those stake levels can rise that will be determined by just which casino you are playing at, you will find some online casinos can and will offer Blackjack game variants which permit you to place wagers as high as 1000.00 or 2500.00 per hand in whatever currency option you have chosen as the one your casino account is set to.

Can I Play Live Dealer Blackjack at all Online Casinos?

You are not going to find the Liver Dealer gaming platforms on offer at all online casino sites, however do check out our section of the site that is dedicated to Live Dealer Blackjack Games as you will find a complete listing of all of our featured casino sites that offer a wide range of different stake live games.

Which Online Blackjack Games are the Best Ones to Play?

The simple rule to remember when you have started to play Blackjack games in the online gaming environment is that the only ones you need to concentrate your playing efforts on are those with the lowest house edge, and in addition to locating and play those variants you need to learn how to play every hand perfectly, which is admittedly going to take you some time to learn but when you do master playing every hand optimally and play only the lowest house edge Blackjack games you winning chances increase to the max.

How Many Hands Per Hour Can I Play?

You can play many more hands of Blackjack per hour when playing online that you could ever do when playing in a land based casino, in fact as some online casino have a fast play options you could find you can play 10 or even 20 times more hand per hour online that could be played in a land based casino site! But always play sensibly and never spend more than you can afford to lose online as there is always the very real possibly you will over spend when playing online due to the sheer number of hands you can play off per session.

Is Double Exposure Blackjack Available Online?

You are not going to have any problems locating an online casino site that has the Double Exposure Blackjack game readily available, however do be aware that the house edge on that particular variant is going to be much higher than some of the other blackjack games available online and for the maximum winning opportunities you are best off sticking to those lower house edge variants.

Are Progressive Blackjack Games Available Online?

You will find a progressive blackjack game offered at most Playtech and Microgaming powered online casinos, but be aware those game will require you to place a side bet alongside your base game bet to have any possible chance of winning the respective games progressive jackpot payout.

What are the Best Multi Hand Online Blackjack Games?

The best multi hand blackjack games are obviously those you can play for any stake levels you want to play them for and those which by virtue of their playing rules and the number of decks in play in the show result in their respective house edges being very low, however be aware it is often the case that the single hand Blackjack game you will find online offer much lower house edges that most if not all multi hand variants.

How Many Blackjack Game Variants are Available Online?

There are literally dozens of different types of Blackjack games available online, and as such do not be under any illusion that you will not have a wide collection of Blackjack games available when logged into and play at an online casino as the opposite is in fact true.

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