Real Life Bets You Should Never Make

For every good bet you can make in a casino there’s one you really shouldn’t in real life. Betting is kept to tables and machines for a reason. Here’s a funny look on some bets you’re really better off without, followed by a sane (and worthwhile…) online casino alternative.

1) Do not bet that you could get a date with someone else, it’s cheesy, and the video stores are full of horrible romantic comedies that started just like that. Pick up a blackjack system, and instead of hitting on someone hit your hand. Wait, that sounds weirder than I planned…

2) Never bet with a friend that you could eat something gross, no matter how many times you did it as a kid. The taller we get the weaker our stomachs.
If you’re gonna sit at a table just to feel your gut spinning, try the fast ups and downs of 3 Card (Brag) at the poker room. Play Blind for the full on adrenalin nausea affect.

3) You really don’t want to make a bet about the weather with someone older than you. They will never ever admit they lost, no matter what.
If you can’t beat them, join them – Baccarat has been around since the 15th century! Play the Banker hand with a system, but not before you get yourself a James Bond Martini, cause that’s the only way to play Baccarat, baby.

4) The last thing you wanna do is let your boss catch you saying you bet you could do his job better. He just might let you do it, but minus his salary or position. If you feel like pushing numbers, take the dozen or column bet on the European Roulette. Unlike your boss, here you get a bonus PLUS the credit!

5) One of the biggest no-no’s is taking a bet whether or not your spouse is faithful to you. The person who offered it probably knows something you don’t, and some people will do anything to win a bet… Hmm…a cuckolded husband joke is in order…how about the Craps horn bet?

6) Another bet you’re really better off without is a bet you could take someone who looks smaller than you. Small people tend to pick up Kung-fu.
Feeling feisty? Head to the Casino War table for some progressive betting. Life lesson – war pays even, Tie is 10 times better. Peace, man.

7) Never, but never, make a bet with a friend about either of your kids, pets, or political views. That’s the ultimate thin ice.
Look, if you feel like taking money out of your buddies while talking trash, what are you waiting for? Start playing Texas Hold’em online!

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