3 Bankroll Saving Roulette Tips Every Player Should Know

Although it’s not hard to find a roulette strategy most players find that their monotonous pace and self-discipline take the fun out of the game. However, you can enjoy both worlds – play spontaneously and still get higher payoffs with some useful tips!

#1 – Choose single-zero roulette whenever you get the option

Since European Roulette (single-zero roulette) has one less number than the American one, which has a zero and double-zero, the house’s edge is cut in half. European Roulette only has a 2.7% advantage versus the 5.26% house advantage of American Roulette. Because it pays the same on a straight bet while the odds of hitting your number are slightly higher, European Roulette is more player-favorable!

In the next section you can also see how the single-zero European wheel pays better than the American wheel when it comes to considering real odds, since both wheels give the same payouts while the European one has better odds because it has one less number to ‘beat’ to get your number. For example, since zero and double zero are green, neither even or odd, and don’t count in the high/low bet, eliminating the double zero improves your odds and slightly decreases the risk factor on all these bets, especially if you are using a betting system where you cover both options in different bets.

#2 – Stick to higher percentage bets

A good bet is bet that has a payoff that reflect the real odds, meaning the real probability of it turning up. Similarly, in a bad bet there is a relatively big spread between the payout and the odds. The payout of the 1:1 bets – Red/Black, Low/High, and Even/Odd – is very close to the probability of it occurring (1.01:1 on a European Roulette and 1.05:1 on American roulette), which makes them the best bets on the table.

The column bets and the dozen bets also make a good bet on the single-zero European Wheel since their payout of 2:1 is very close to their probability of 2.08:1. From this perspective, the worst bets on the roulette table are the straight up bets and the American Roulette’s Five Bet (a street bet covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3). The straight bet pays 35:1 while the odds are 36:1 on a European Roulette and 37:1 on the American roulette, and the Five Bet pays 6:1 while its odds are 6.6:1.

#3 – Plan your bankroll in advance

A good tip for any game, but suitable for roulette in particular. If your playing a strategy that requires many spins, prepare a large enough bankroll according to your betting unit so you won’t fall short before you have a chance to even out. Similarly, if you’re planning to play for a couple of hours (about 120 spins) prepare ahead the amount you need according to the chips you’re using. Another important decision to make is when to collect the wins and leave the table. The roulette wheel is fickle, and no lucky streak runs forever, so the best way to stay ahead of the game is simply to quit while you’re there.

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