Roulette Variations You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Roulette was first devised in France in the 18th century. Today it remains one of the most popular casino games and is played across all casino platforms: land-based casinos, online casinos and live casinos. Roulettes offer a range of betting options: numbers, groups of numbers, odd/even, colours and high/low. 

That is common knowledge for most players, and perhaps also why some grow fairly tired of playing Roulette. Yes, it is one of the all-time classics, but it can also become tiresome to play a traditional game in an otherwise fast-paced casino industry.

The differences between American and European roulette are well-known, but in fact, far more roulette variations exist. Slightly tired of the normal roulette games? Then you should look into these variations that you’ve probably never heard of.

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1. Double Ball Roulette

The name of the Double Ball Roulette says it all: the game is reminiscent of traditional roulette, but it spins with two balls rather than one. What better way to spice up the excitement a bit?
There are two different types of bets on Double Ball Roulettes: inside and outside bets. 

  • Inside bets mean that each ball constitutes a separate bet. If both balls win the payout is doubled.
  • Outside bets mean that both balls are combined into one bet. Both balls have to land in the correct spot for the bet to win.

Double Ball Roulette incorporates all the regular features from traditional roulette, but still provides a refreshing experience with the two balls spinning.

2. No-Zero Roulette

No-Zero Roulette is one of the best value casino games. As the name indicates, No-Zero Roulette has no zeroes in it. That takes the RTP rate very close to 100%, as the house edge without zeroes become very small.
No-Zero Roulettes are not seen that often, but they are excellent value so catch them if you can.

3. Roulette Royale and Jackpot Roulettes

You would not necessarily associate roulettes with jackpots and progressive jackpots, but that is exactly what happens on the Roulette Royale. It is similar to traditional roulette, but the jackpot function makes it an entirely different game.

Yes, it is extremely difficult to trigger the jackpot, as it usually requires you to hit a number five times in a row. But if you do so successfully an absolute fortune awaits.

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4. Triple Bonus Spin Roulette Games

Triple Bonus Spin is a feature mainly offered by online casinos rather than land-based casinos. It also exists in other variations, such as the Double Bonus Spin. The point is nevertheless the same: if your ball lands in the roulette’s bonus slot you are in for quite a ride.

Once the Triple Bonus game is activated, your bet will be held for the next three spins. That means you receive 3 Free Spins on the Roulette, to use a popular casino term. All winnings from the next three spins are deposited directly into your account – or in chips, if it is a live version.

In this situation, you both have the chance to play safe and increase your bankroll a bit, but you can also take a punt on a specific number to see if the bonus game awards you – without any risk.

5. Diamond Roulette

Diamond Roulette is the furthest you can get away from traditional roulette within the genre. The overall concept is still the same but the game has certainly been mixed up.

The diamond aspect refers to the six different colours that come into play. Instead of just Red and Black, numbers are also divided into Green, Yellow, Purple and Black.

All colours account for 6 numbers each. It differs whether the casino pays out 5 to 1 or 6 to 1 on colours in the Diamond Roulette, but the former is obviously poor value and brings the value down.

Diamond Roulette is still roulette. But it’s an entirely different game.

6. Mini Roulette

You might already have heard of the Mini Roulette, but we decided to list the game anyway. Mini Roulettes are reduced versions of the traditionel roulette, featuring a mere 12 numbers – and a zero. You can but on all the traditional things: red/black, odd, even, and smaller groups of numbers.
The main catch is that with only twelve numbers, a zero is proportionally more likely to appear. Most Mini Roulettes compensate for this by giving players half their bet back when the ball lands on zero. Look out for this rule if you decide to play Mini Roulette.

7. Double Action Roulette

With the Double Action Roulette, things immediately become more complicated. It operates with two wheels rather than one, with the second wheel positioned within the first wheel. When the ball lands in a slot it covers a number from both wheels – this means you have two winning combinations for each spin.

With some Double Action Roulettes, you don’t even have to bet on both wheels – you can just ignore either one of them. The two wheels are called the inner and outer wheels, and the biggest winnings await if you can hit a winning combination on both wheels.

If you can hit two identical numbers on both wheels with a combined bet, the payout will be an incredible 1200 to 1. That return is almost unmatched in the world of roulettes, which makes the Double Action Roulette an appealing option for those willing to take a risk.

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