RTG Casino Games are Configurable by Operators

You are going to notice something different regarding most Real Time Gaming Casinos and that is they always seem to offer and do in fact offer some of the largest deposit bonuses available anywhere online, in fact you will often find lots of additional types of bonuses available at RTG powered sites such as cash back bonuses or no deposit bonuses.

Due to the sheer size of these bonuses and the frequency that they are available you may be a little wary as to how RTG casino operators can afford to give away many more bonuses than casinos for example that use Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech software.

There is a very simple answer to why RTG casino bonuses are so much larger in value and are always on offer and that is an operator of such a casino site is given a choice of several different ways of configuring their casino games in regards to the pay tables on games such a video poker are designed, or the number of decks in their Blackjack game shoes and also the long term expected RTP’s of their slot machines.

Being able to adjust the payout percentages or expected house edges of casino games is not illegal or underhand for land based casino operators have always been able to do a similar thing, it is however something that only RTG casino operators can do with their gaming suite as other software and gaming platform providers such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming do not give their licensees an option to adjust or alter their games in any way once they have gone live.

So as to ensure any RTG casino site does not go bust due to offering huge and regular casino bonuses you will find those that offer the best valued player promotions tend to opt to have their games set to the mid or lower RTP’s and house edges as opposed to the highest paying options as by doing so the slightly lower payouts enables them to compensate for their higher valued bonuses.

You can of course still win and win big when claiming any RTG casino bonus even if playing the lower paying games with those bonuses, and below we will enlighten you on the different configurable options available on RTG designed online casino games.

RTG Slot Game Configurable Payout Percentages

When you choose to play slot games online, if you are a savvy slot player then you will often be prepared to spend as much time as is needed hunting around for information which will enlighten you on which slots have been designed with the very higher payout percentages, for by doing so you can then limit your gaming sessions to playing only those slots on which you will get more of your stakes returned as winning payouts.

However, you need to be aware that should you opt to play at any Real Time Gaming powered online casino site you will find depending on just which casino you are playing at the slot games on offer may have a different expected long term RTP than identical slots at other RTG casino sites.

The slot game bonus offers and promotions offered by a large number of Real Time Gaming powered sites can be huge valued ones, and as such the operators of some RTG casinos that have chosen to give away the biggest bonuses will then, as a way of compensating for those bonus offers, choose to attached to their slots the lowest possible payout percentages.

The three most commonly available RTP settings on the vast majority of Real Time Gaming designed slot games are 91%, 95% and 97.5%, and as such if you do choose to play at any casino offering RTG slot games then you need to stick to playing at those casinos which have chosen to configure their slot games with the highest RTP and not the lowest.

Configurable Blackjack Games at RTG Sites

One casino card game that is available at Real Time Gaming casinos in large numbers is the game of Blackjack, and as many players do enjoy and regularly play Blackjack games online you will often find the casinos using RTG gaming platforms will offer all manner of different bonuses to their players which are often very high valued bonuses.

To compensate for the large bonuses you will find the actual number of decks of cards in the shoe of all RTG Blackjack games can vary depending on how the operator or owners of the casino you are playing at has chosen to configure their respective Blackjack games.

The effect of having more decks of cards into the shoe of any Blackjack game will result in the house edge of the game being higher than those with fewer deck of cards in the shoe, and as such we would suggest you take a look over our Top Paying Card and Table Games from RTG guide, for it will enlighten you on how many decks can be put into play on all of the currently available RTG Blackjack games and will enable you to hunt down and play those variants with the lowest house edges which naturally give you an increased chance of winning when playing them online.

Video Poker Game RTP’s at Real Time Gaming Casinos

There are three different pay tables that can be attached to all video poker games offered by Real Time Gaming powered casinos, and you will be surprised by just how generous those pay tables can be when the operators of any such site chooses to put into play the highest paying ones.

We have dedicated a special section of our website which will enlighten you on each of the long term expected payout percentages that you will be offered on when playing any RTG deigned video poker game and as such we would advise you to take a look through our guide to the Best Real Time Gaming Video Poker Pay Tables as all is revealed in that section of our website.

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