RTP Percentages for Microgaming’s Scratchcards Revealed

scratch-cardYou may be under the impression that Scratchcard games when played online will return the low payouts as those cards you can purchase in local shops, however if you opt to play Microgaming’s stunning and quite unique Scratchcard variants online you will actually be playing games which have RTP’s as high as and sometimes higher than their real money slot games.

In fact with many slot players now tightening their belts and reducing their gaming budgets due to the current financial climate, many of these onetime avid slot players are turning their attention to playing Scratchcard games as they offer a much more relaxed and slower paced playing style, yet still offer them the chance of picking up some very sizable winning payouts.

Below we have listed the best paying Microgaming designed and supplied Scratchcard games by virtue of their respective payout percentages. We have listed them in order starting with the highest paying game, take a look through this list and if you like the look of any of them then they are all available in any downloadable Microgaming powered casino.

Lucky Numbers – Should you fancy switching your slot play to playing Scratchcards games instead then make sure one game you try is the Lucky Numbers game from Microgaming. This game gives you two chances of winning per card purchased and with a huge 96.57% payout percentage then you should get an extended and potentially profitable playing session.

Whack a Jackpot – The Whack a Jackpot game from Microgaming will certainly give you a unique Scratchcard game playing session for it is similar to the Whack a Mole type games found in amusement arcades and at fun fairs. The best part about this particular game is its huge payout percentage which has been certified as being 96.30% which is higher than a lot of online slot games.

Foamy Fortunes – Another Scratchcard game worth playing is the bath time themed, bubble popping Foamy Fortunes game, the reason this game is certainly one getting stuck into is that its payout percentage is higher than most slot games and this is a very generous 96.30%.

Slam Funk – You will find some online slot games are designed as very low variance slots, which means that you will get lots of low valued winning spins dropping in when you play them and not many huge paying ones. Should you wish to play a similarly structured Scratchcard game then the Slam Funk game from Microgaming offers a RTP of 95.04% and a jackpot of 250 coins, which may seem low in value, but it the jackpot is awarded and won more times on this game than all others.

Wild Champions – The Wild Champions Scratchcard game is a game very similar to the one above in as much as it is a low variance game with a payout percentage of 95.04% on which lots of winning cards will be played out whenever you give it a try, the maximum payout which can be won on any single ticket is 250 coins.

Super Zeroes – Whilst the above game is a low variance one, should you fancy playing a higher variance Scratchcard game and one that offers a jackpot of a massive 10,000 coins then the Super Zeroes game is worth checking out, and that huge jackpot payout could be won at any moment.

Dawn of the Bread – If you enjoy watching the Walking Dead or in fact any Zombie related television show or film then Microgaming’s Dawn of the Bread Scratchcard game is well worth playing, for it comes with a Zombie theme and offers a payout percentage of a high 95.04% and on any single card purchased you could win a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Mumbai Magic – There are some very large cash payouts that can be won when playing the Mumbai Magic scratchcard game, the highest jackpot on offer is 10,000 coins, and thank to this games payout percentage being set at 95.00% then you should find many of the cards you play are winning ones.

Freezing Fuzzballs – A modest jackpot of 2500 coins can be won on the Freezing Fuzzballs game, and this is another uniquely themed Scratchcard from Microgaming offering a reasonably high payout percentage of 95.00% and a top jackpot payout of some 2500 coins.

Granny Prix – The Granny Prix Scratchcard game is similar to the one above, whilst it does of course come with a unique theme, one of a team of little old ladies taking to the go-kart track, the payout percentage of this game is 95.00% and the jackpot on offer is 2500 coins.

Hairy Fairies – Whilst playing a Scratchcard game that will see you picking off areas of the card on which bearded men are dressed up as Fairies may not be to everyone’s taste, thanks to the high payout percentage of 95.00% on offer on this game you will find it is a better paying game than most Microgaming powered slot machines.

Comparing Scratchcard Games to Slots

You will find that in regards to playing Scratchcard games online the actual certified payout percentages offered on most of them compare very favourably to the RTP’s of most slot games, in fact you will find most Scratchcards games come with much higher payout percentages than many slots.

The only major difference when playing Scratchcards games as opposed to online slots is the speed of your playing sessions, as you cannot play Scratchcards as quickly as slots, and as Scratchcards do not offer bonus games or bonus features, should you be looking for a slow paced gaming session and one on which some large cash jackpots can be won then do consider giving any of the above named games a try.

The stake levels are as varied on these Microgaming powered Scratchcard games as those offered on their range of slots with the minimum stake per game on offer being as low as just 0.10 then you should quite easily be able to give any of the listed Scratchcard games a try without breaking your bank.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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