Safari Sam Online Slot Machine Review

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – This Safari Sam slot game has a long term payout percentage of 95.70%.

Stake Levels – You are going to have the option of playing this Safari Sam slot game for stake levels of your own choosing the minimum coin settings start at a very modest 0.02 and can be increased up to values of 0.50 and five coins in total can be activated on any of its 30 optional paylines.

Jackpot Payout – 500 coins is the maximum base game jackpot you can win on the Safari Sam slot game and this is awarded when you spin in five of the Explorer symbols.

Standard Reel Symbols – The Safari Sam slot games reel symbols include all of the following symbols: Woman, Lion, Gorilla, Zebra, Sam, Monkey, Tent, Tree and Binoculars symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – The Gorilla, Monkey and Zebra symbols are this slot games free spins awarding symbols but they must spin in a certain way to trigger the bonus free spins round, also the Binocular symbols are also bonus game awarding symbols.

Wild Symbols – The Safari Sam slot game boasts a set of random Wild symbols which can make certain reel locations completely wild.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – You may miss the free spins actually triggering when you are playing the Safari Sam slot game for the way they are triggered is quite unique, to trigger them you need to have spinning in, on any base game spin you play the following reel symbols in the correct order on payline number one, the Gorilla, Monkey and Zebra symbols.

When that combination does spin in on the first payline then you are awarded with ten free spins which will start to play out, should any winning combination then go on to form on any of your activated paylines that winning combination is going to be doubled in value thanks to the x2 multipliers attached to the free spins bonus round.

Bonus Game – You can trigger what could turn out to be a multi stage pick to win type of bonus game when playing the Safari Sam slot, however for you to be awarded it you first need to have spun in during any one single base game spin a set of three Binocular reel symbols anywhere in view.

Once you do a bonus game screen will then launched onto your screen and here you are faced with picking off locations from that bonus game screen, you will be looking to avoid selecting a location with the word Collect hiding underneath for when you do the bonus game then ends, however selecting a cash paying location will see you being able to continue picking off locations and winning all cash amounts revealed.

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