FOBT Scams and Cheats

scam-cheatYou may have stumbled across this article if you have ever seen just how much money can be made from Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, and are wondering if there have been any attempts at scamming, cheating or generally ripping off these machines.

Well, it will possibly not surprise you to learn that there have been and probably always will be people out there who are looking to defraud FOBT’s, and we are going to list below for you the many different ways that are known to cheat a FOBT.

Let us start by telling you that we in no way, shape or form condone what we are about to enlighten you of, and all information provided below is for information purposes only, thanks to highly advanced security protocols and procedures surrounding Fixed Odds Betting Terminals located in betting shops, any attempt to rip them off will more than likely result in you being found out, arrested and possibly be carted off in a police van.

FOBT Coin Mechanism and Note Acceptor Scams

The easiest way for someone with any level of technical ability to attack and defraud a FOBT is to take advantage of any weaknesses that surround the coin mechanism and bank note acceptors that every single one of these machines has attached to them.

Much like vending machines and slot machines have always been vulnerable by poorly designed coin and note acceptors, it has and probably always will be an easy option for someone wishing to rack up a lot of free credits to use something such as a strimming device or some form of device that by-passes the security features on the coin and note acceptors.

The oldest way of defrauding a coin mechanism is by attaching a coin to a piece of strimming wire and then feed it into the coin chute and then pull it in and out, the aim being the coin mechanism senses the coin is a valid one, opens up an acceptance gate and by pulling the coin in and out the sensors underneath the acceptance gate registers the credits onto the machine.

Whilst coin mechanisms have been continuously developed and redesigned to negate the possibility of coin strimming it is still possible to do this, by using a more advanced method, which we will not go into any detail of just in case.

The note acceptor is always prone to attack and whilst feeding forged banknotes into today’s modern note acceptors will simply cause the machine to reject them, there are some quite ingenious ways fraudster have caused these devices to malfunction, or have over ridden the security protocols attached to them.

One way of doing this is to simply drill using a small cordless drill or screwdriver a hole into the side of the FOBT in such a place that by inserting a piece of looped wire it is possible to short out and earth one of the wires in the plug on the back of the note acceptor, what this does is to send a signal down that wire the FOBT’s credit control system which thinks a banknote has been inserted and will then register credits onto the credit meter.

When either the coin mechanism or the bank note acceptor has been defrauded and credits have been registered on any one FOBT the fraudster then simply taps on the print receipt button on that FOBT’s screen, and those credits are turned into a payment slip which they then take to the cashiers window in the bookmakers shop and it gets turned into cash.

FOBT Winner Receipt Scams

There are always going to be people looking to somehow defraud Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and one way that many people have unsuccessfully tired to do this is by printing off their own winning receipt tickets.

As soon as you hit the collect or print ticket button on an FOBT all of the credits displayed on that machines credits meter are zeroed out and a ticket is issued from the machine which can be turned into cash at the cashier window.

However it has been known for some people to print off a low valued ticket, take them home, scan it into their computer, alter the winning amount, then return to the betting shop in the hope of them being able to cash out the much larger amount they have doctored the ticket to display.

However each winning receipt ticket issued by all FOBT machines has its own unique barcode printed on it, and the cashier has to first validate the ticket by scanning the barcode, this will then show that cashier on their behind the counter monitor which is linked to all of the FOBT’s in that one shop, just how much that ticket is valued at, and as such this scam is highly unlikely to prove successful.

That is however unless the shop staff are not following procedure and payout winning tickets first before actually scanning the barcodes, occasionally shop staff do this at busy times and this is when those staff are vulnerable to this scam.

FOBT Door Forcing

Sticking a crow bar, screwdriver or some other metal object into most FOBT’s door lock mechanisms and forcing the door open is of course going to get you access to the inner workings of that machine and also the cash the machine has accumulated, however it will also get you a go to jail card rather quickly.

Direct attacks on FOBT’s have been on the increase recently, and this has led to the suppliers of these machines connecting them up to both an audio and visual alarm system and as such should a door be forced open then the alarms will be activated.

Increased CCTV is also in place in all land based betting shops and these alarm systems are monitored both by the shop staff and remotely, so any attempt to rip off an FOBT by forced entry is often detected in the very early stages.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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