Seinfeld set to become a slot machine

seinfeld slotsBelieve it or not, another major television show is set to make its debut in the slot world this year. The theme of Scientific Games’ upcoming game will be Seinfeld – yes, the hit television series that ended a decade ago, and still rakes in millions of dollars of every year. Warner Brothers and Castle Rock Entertainment are getting together to produce the new game with Scientific Games, and it was recently unveiled in Las Vegas.

Unveiling of the Seinfeld Slots

Where better to unveil a new slot machine than the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. After acquiring the license to produce the game, Scientific Games got straight to work. You’ll note that words such a “gambling” managed to escape the press release entirely. Evidently Scientific Games isn’t keen on overplaying the game as a slot. This is certainly strange since they didn’t fool anybody when they unveiled the game in Las Vegas this week.


After 18 years, the Seinfeld franchise continues to rake in the dosh. Since the show ended, over $2 billion has come in video and DVD sales, clothing and various other forms of merchandise, repeat episodes on various networks across the world, and online streaming. Naturally, with online gambling and land-based gambling being as big as they are today, it was only natural that somebody would come up with the idea to port Seinfeld over to the slot world. The popularity of the Friends video (possibly the only sitcom to be even more famous, and raise even more money than Seinfeld) will surely have made Warner Bros think about turfing out Seinfeld to the gambling masses.


We know that the Seinfeld slot is going to be played over 5 reels, which tells us that it is certainly a video slot. This means that we can expect a plethora of special features to show up in the game. We also know that the slot will contain features based on various episodes of the hit show.

A Festivus wheel is set to appear, and there will be a Soup Nazi feature, a Contest bonus round, too. Fans will surely remember the famous scene involving Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Expect many audio phrases, video clips, and Seinfeld graphics to appear in the new game, too.

When can I play it?

At no point in the immediate future; this would be our best guess. Last year, the Friends slot was released (and it has not been made an online slot as of yet), so the only place you can play that is in land-based casinos across the globe. Our understanding is that it will be a similar case for Seinfeld slot. It may be ready to launch come the end of this year, or early next year, but only in land-based gambling haunts. That may hamper its popularity, but should that and Friends ever make their debut in the online gambling world, we could be looking at two of the most popular online slots of all time.

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