Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack is a pretty exciting game as it is, but when payouts are either 1:1 or 3:2, sometimes players are looking for that extra shot of adrenaline and huge prizes only a slot machine can produce. Well, this is why they invented side bets!

As many seasoned players may feel, once you have a grip on a solid blackjack strategy, they game becomes a bit more predictable, and some of the thrill is lost. Blackjack side bets offer two great ways to spice up the old play routine: Your cards suddenly become more interesting (now that suit and pairs do matter), and you can win amazing payouts (from a mere 2:1 up to a dazzling 2000:1).

What kind of side bets can you expect to meet on the Blackjack table?
One of the most common side bet is based on getting 7s (which is why it’s usually called Super Sevens or Triple Sevens). Seven is considered a lucky number in many cultured and religions, and the followers of the green felt are no different: if one of your first two cards is a 7, you’ll get a small but nice payout. Things will start looking ten times sunnier if you have a pair if 7s, and a hundred times better if they are suited. A 3-of-a-kind of unsuited 7s will make you want to sing, and if that triplet is suited, you hit the blackjack equivalent of a jackpot.

Another interesting side bet was undoubtedly invented by a player who had his blackjack pushed with the dealer’s one too many times. Instead of getting just 3:2 on a blackjack hand, this side bet is an opportunity to earn more than times more than you would have playing it straight (and that in case you didn’t end up in a push…).

After setting up the Blackjack side bet, that same player must have moved along to create the 20s side bet, which resonates a similar sentiment: remember all those hands ranking as 20 but giving you nothing? It’s time they get to work! With the 20 side bet any 20 combo will do, but a suited or ranked 20 is better, and some casino also offer higher payouts on specific royal pairs.

Speaking of pairs, you know the feeling of getting a pair of Aces on the blackjack table, and asking where those babies were when you were playing Texas Hold’em the other night? Well, to sooth this resentment towards pairs with ill timing, the Pairs side bet will pay over 10:1 if your first two cards are a match.

And the same goes for suited cards: while low suited cards pay like a regular win, suited royals will get you a much better deal, and if the dealer has the same you win even more. In fact, there is a pretty big variety of tempting side bets to choose from; some casinos offer a side bet where getting a hand rank of 3 or 4 will be profitable for a change.

Playing the side bets is clearly more volatile than playing straight blackjack, but there’s a reason slot machines and video poker are super popular. Whether you play intuitively or go through the motions of your favorite strategy, taking thrilling chances for a shot to grab huge profits is what it’s really all about, and even the most somber player enjoys cutting loose every now and again just for the fun of it.

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