Skip Card Counting, Focus on Blackjack Strategy

Hollywood films based on the exploits of blackjack players have given the impression that the best way to achieve blackjack success is by counting cards. Unfortunately, this is a complete fallacy.

It is true that card counting can and has been used by players in the past to win big money wins when playing blackjack at casinos in the past. The problem though is that it is nowhere near as easy as the movies would have you believe. The first issue is, as the movies correctly point out, is that to do so effectively you need to be a mathematical genius in order to be successful. This is something that most people aren’t.

 The next issue is that casinos have systems in place, such as multiple decks and regular shuffles. The purpose of which is to ensure that even if you could count cards, you are still likely to be stopped in your tracks after a short period of time when the cards are shuffled and your system gets ruined. Not to mention the fact that casino security look down on card counters and you will likely find yourself ejected from the casino and banned from it, as well as many others, forever if you are caught. Thus, you will have no place to play.

Third, finally and most important is the fact that the second you play online, it impossible to count cards due to the RNG that is used to determine results. This is a massive set-back as of course, online casinos are becoming the most popular arena by which to play casino games. As such, while card counting may be helpful if you hit real-world casinos, online it won’t do you any favours, as even in the live casino, similar steps are in place to prevent this exact thing happening.

These three reasons combined means that there is essentially very little point in learning to card count. Sure, you could spend months and years in learning to do it only to come a cropper of these aforementioned reasons and have wasted that time. Alternatively, you could use that time much more beneficially and learn a blackjack strategy that will actually provide you with reliable results.

But, how exactly does blackjack strategy work?

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To answer this question there are a lot of different factors at play and these come down to a few elements that will be determined from game to game. Notably, the style of blackjack, the rules that are attached to this style, and the number of cards that the game has in play. There are, of course, dozens of types of blackjack each with their own unique elements to their game so to implement blackjack strategy you first need to consider this.

One of the most important to know is whether the dealer stands or hits on 17. Reflective of this, your blackjack strategy will change immediately and the odds are then turned on their heads. You need to consider this first and foremost before you consider any other area of blackjack gameplay as they will all have an impact on how the rest of the game will play out.

Once you know this, there are four main areas of strategy you need to think about. Of course, the first and most important is the basic element of the game-  hit or stand. This area of strategy determines when you will ask for another card or stay as you are. The biggest rule of thumb is to stand on 17 or above – except with the 17 consists of an Ace (known a soft). However, in terms of other numbers, you need to consider the dealers’ number.

The next element to consider is when to surrender. This is where you fold your hand and sacrifice half your wager as to avoid losing the entirety of your wager. The scenarios when to do this will change from situation to situation. However, on some blackjack games, surrendering is not even an option so you don’t have the choice – another reason to consider what game style you are playing.

The next strategy to consider is when to split your cards. Splitting happens when you have two cards of the same value and you play these two cards as two separate hands for the price of double your wager. There are two rules of thumb here, always split Aces and 8s and never split 5s. Again, other strategies need to be considered based on the dealer and the two cards you hold. 

Then there is double, where you double your bet on the promise that you are confident about your hand winning and so you want double the award by doubling your initial wager. This is, of course, double as risky. This will rely on you to having a comfortably stronger hand and higher probability that the dealer. As such, it is another situation that can have a large amount of differentiation when it if it is a good move or not.

You need to read up on all the different strategies involved in these areas of the game if you want to be successful. However, what we can recommend is finding blackjack strategy cards as these will literally indicate when to implement all these game options reflective of your hand. Find one of these to get started and learn as much as you can to master them before playing. While these strategies are not 100% full proof, they are more reliable than card counting ever will be. 

New Jersey casinos offering Blackjack

Most casinos will offer Blackjack – and online Blackjack can be even more fun because many casinos offer so many Blackjack variations that are not available in their brick and mortar casino. Gaming technology means that online casinos can sometimes take the player to another level of heightened experience. That said, if you are not one for a virtual experience but prefer playing from home, online live casinos are the option for you. Amongst the big players which allow online Blackjack to New Jersey players we can suggest Sugarhouse and Unibet NJ.

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