Slot Machine Advantage Players

You will often come across the term Advantage Player when reading gambling related message boards, when logged into gambling related chats room and also when perusing through the terms and conditions of some online casinos. An Advantage Player is simply a player who has a very good understanding of mathematics and playing slots and will happily spend hours looking around the web in search of bonus offers and promotions that give that player a greater chance of winning.

Online casinos often label such players as Bonus Abusers, and whilst there is certainly nothing illegal or underhand about taking any casino up on their bonus offers and promotions, many such sites have made live promotional offers that gave these types of players a much greater chance of winning, and once a team of such players descend on a casino it can cost that site a lot of money.

Benefits of Being an Advantage Player

The most obvious benefit of becoming an Advantage Player is that you will always have a mathematical edge when you have found a bonus offer that has not been as well thought out as it should have been by an online casinos promotions team or manager.

With many casinos looking to cut costs they can often employ people who simply do not understand the way casino games such as slot work and operate, and they will then send out and make available to their casino customers bonuses which are way too generous, and this is where an Advantage Player can make some serious amounts of cash.

One aspect of mopping up nothing but bonuses, it that you can end up playing quite a diverse range of slots, safe in the knowledge that those bonuses can quite easily be beaten, but you do of course have to be a very strict player and by this we mean you have to always play the slots and bonuses in a predetermined way and once you have achieved your goal you must stop playing and make a cash out.

This is not as easy as it may sound, as many slot players do have a tendency to carry on playing when they are winning, and by doing so the advantage of an over generous bonus can swing from the player to the casino. By not following the correct playing strategy when utilizing an over generous bonus that is where a novice AP as they are known in the gaming industry often comes a cropper.

Risks of Being an Advantage Player

An online casino is obviously not a charity, and should a casino offer a bonus that can be beaten, they will, once they have discovered they have made an error by giving away such a promotional offer pull every stunt in the book to try and void the winnings of everyone who has taken advantage of those bonuses.

A well run and operated online casino will rarely if ever offer an overly generous and beatable bonus, and as such if you do play at any of our featured casino sites you are always going to get paid your winnings without any problems as long as you have played within the rules and have followed the terms and conditions of their bonus offers.

However, if you choose to play at other online casinos and are an advantage player then there are many unfair rules or very vague terms written in the terms and conditions of many casinos that will allow those sites to void your winnings instantly at often completely at will.

One rule that can spell disaster for an Advantage Player is something known as a spirit of the bonus term. This will be written in such a way that if a player takes a casino up on their bonus offer, and the casino deems that player is not playing in a way they think is suitable then any winnings achieved will be voided and often that player will be banned from the casino, have their account closed and will have their initial deposit, if they are lucky, returned to them.

There have been many casinos over the years that have given away overly generous bonuses and once they discover those bonuses are beatable will then claim the players are bonus abusers and are not recreational players and will then void those players’ winnings.

This is of course completely unfair, however with the online casino environment being what it is and as many such sites are not properly licensed an Advantage Player is always going to run the very real risk of losing any winnings they have amassed if they play at such a site.

However it is often brand newly launched casinos that can fall victim to Advantage Players, and eager to not get themselves a bad reputation in the first few weeks of making their casino live, these casinos will usually end up paying those Advantage Players and then they will quickly amend and adjust their bonus offers and the associated terms and conditions to ensure that their bonuses are not structured in such a way that they can be easily beaten by players.

Slot Bonuses Advantage Players Choose to Utilize

It is deposit match bonuses that are often the bonuses that Advantage Players will seek out and utilize. As every single bonus you will come across offered to you by an online casino will come with a set of terms and conditions attached to it there are several of these terms which make them appealing to such players.

The play through requirements are one of the terms and conditions AP’s religiously look for, and when a bonus offer has a very low play through requirement then by making the largest deposit possible to get the maximum bonus and then by playing the slots with the very highest payout percentages in most cases the Advantage Player will easily meet those play throughs and will then immediately cash out their winnings once they have achieved the play through requirement.

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