Slot Machine in Japanese

The pictographic characters of the Japanese language create beautiful graphic combinations that establish the meaning of the word, and at the same time reveal the imagination behind it.

For example, the word “beautiful” is created by a symbol that represents something being born or growing on top of the symbol of the moon, because anything born from the moon must be beautiful, right? And “love” is written using the symbol for heart underneath a fire with a lid on top expressing how love makes our hearts grow hot. Another interesting example is the combination of the symbol for water and the symbol for dragon that together create “waterfall”.

So how can an ancient language be used to describe something relatively new as slot machines?

The Japanese language does have special alphabet set used to spell out foreign words. So slot Machine can be written very simply like this: .
This literally says su-l/ro-tto-ma-shi-n.

But if we want to use the old kanji symbols to write slot machine we would use 5 different symbols to create this word:
meaning self along with that stands for motion create together the word “automatic”.
Now we’ll add that in itself is made of “chance” or “hope” with “rolling” or “changing”.
Add to that that stands for “to sell” or “commercial” and finish off with the symbol for “machine” (created, by the way, of multiple trees…).
And there you have it:

An automated machine that sells changing chances and rolling hopes… we couldn’t name it better ourselves!

And if you’re curious, Money Casino is pronounced “o-ka-ne ka-ji-no” and written like this:

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