Slot Machine Staking Strategies

fruit-machineWhen it comes to playing slot machine whether online or in the land based environment, you are always best advised to have a pre-planned staking strategy in place. Whilst any type of playing strategy can often be boring or tiresome to put into place, with there being so many different structured slots available, you could inadvertently make several playing errors if you do not put such a system into place.

As part of our ongoing series of different slot machine playing guides, below you will find an overview of how you should stake each spin you make on a range of differently structure slot games. By taking note of the following advice you are going to never miss out on a winning combination spinning in and will never have to soul destroying situation where you have missed out on a life changing jackpot simply due to you not playing a slot game in a certain way.

Staking Spins on 3 Reel Slots

Whilst slot games such a Fruit machines usually only come with one payline, you are not usually going to notice any difference in regards to your winning chances when playing them for any stake. However, do be aware that some Fruit Machines do give you an increased RTP if you opt to play that game for high stake levels, so if you are playing such a Fruity then always, if you can afford to, play for the higher stakes to get the increased payout percentage on offer.

The casino styled 3 reel slots require savvy players to first take a good look at the pay table attached to the game you are thinking of playing before you give the Spin button a click! For it is often the case that one single line 3 reel slots there is an enhanced jackpot payout attached when playing the maximum number of coins on that single payline.

If a 3 reel slot boasts more than one payline, then do see if the third payline on three line slots or the fifth payline on 5 line three reel slots comes with an enhanced jackpot. If so then it is important you play all of the available paylines to get the best winning chances. You can always adjust the actual coin values to make maximum bet spins affordable.

Progressive Slot Game Staking Strategy

As quite a number of online progressive slot machines now come with completely randomly awarded jackpots, there is never any need to play for higher than average stakes, as you are going to have a chance of being awarded one of those jackpots even if playing for very low stake amounts.

However on all of the older and more established progressive slots found online, you are often required to either play for maximum bet spins or put into play all of the available payline to have any chance whatsoever of spinning in and being awarded with the progressive jackpot.

So much like the three reel casino slot games always read through the progressive slot games instructions, help files or checkout the pay table to see what you have to wager per spin to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Failing to put into play the required number of paylines or playing some progressive slot games on certain stake levels will see you potentially missing out on the jackpot.

Staking Video Slot Game Spins

There are so many different video slot games that it is going to be quite a simple tasked finding several of them that you can comfortably afford to play, and as such you should always choose the slot games after first doing some quick mathematics based on how much you have available in your slot playing budget.

Should you have a very small gaming budget, then consider playing the video slots that offer just five paylines, if you are a member of a Microgaming powered casino then they have some excellent five reel video slots available, and when playing slots such as the Winning Wizards slot or the Crazy Chameleons slot you can form a winning combination from left to right and right to left on the screen therefore you get twice the number of winning opportunities for playing all five paylines.

However, if you are looking to play bonus video slots which can and do award you with free spins or pick to win type bonus games, then we would advise you to grab a calculator and divide your available gaming budget by one hundred and fifty.

The reasons for doing this is that usually, on average those bonus game feature rounds attached to these types of slot game are triggered once every 100 to 150 spins, and by dividing your gaming budget up, before you start to play, you will then find the perfect stake amount to play each spin for in the hope that the law of averages allows you to get at least one bonus feature round triggering.

Obviously you will need to not only divide your gaming budget by 150 but also take into account how many paylines a video slot has on offer, and also put into play all of that games available paylines. But as you can quite easily adjust not only the coin values and the number of coins per line you play, finding a suitable stake level to fit your gaming budget is not going to be too difficult.

You will also find lots of the All Ways structure slot games now available at most online casinos. These games require a set number of coins to be wagered per spin to play the available ways to win, and they can much like the video slots offer different coin values and different increments of the minimum number of coins required to play the slot.

Once again simply work out your available gaming budget and divide it by 100 or 150 and that should be the stake unit you play per spin or as near to it as you can possibly get.

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