Slot Machine Stalking Strategy

As part of our range of What Kind of Slot Player are You articles, in this one we are going to take a look at a fairly new breed of slot player known as a slot stalker. These types of players will wander around a land based casino watching and taking note of how well or how badly other slot players are doing on the slots they are playing, and will be ready to pounce as soon as a player leaves a slot game they have been losing on, but only if those slot stalkers think that those online slot machines are about to pay out.

The logic behind this rather strange slot playing strategy is that a slot game is only going to be in a “not paying out cycle” for a certain amount of time, and will, once that losing cycle nears its end, then award a fairly large paying sequence of winning combinations or one of the jackpots attached to it.

The most common slot games these players will stalk are those which have a standalone progressive jackpot attached to them. Slots that offer their own standalone progressive jackpot will often payout those jackpots once they have reached or exceeded certain thresholds, and as such these slot stalkers will meander around the casino floor and often go from casino to casino tracking down and hunting a slot game whose jackpot is overdue and more likely to pay out.

There is one type of slot machine that can often be guaranteed to payout out once a player has been losing for a certain amount of time and these are Fruit Machines, however they are never found in casinos and as such it is those slots offering a progressive jackpot that slot stalkers are hunting down.

Stalking Online Slot Machines

There is actually a way that one time land based slot stalkers are able to stalk online slot games without having to make much effort. This is done by those players playing at an online casino site that utilizes Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform, for it comes with a very unique feature that makes slot stalking an absolute breeze.

Once you have logged into a Microgaming downloadable casino site you are then obviously able to scroll through the entire collection of slot games, which incidentally they have literally hundreds of slots on offer.

By highlighting any one of their available slot games a small animation will appear at the side of that highlighted slot game and this is known as the Jackpot Thermometer. This is a very clever little animation for what it does is to take a look at the gaming logs of that particular slot game, and will give an indication on whether that slot game is currently hot or cold and will then display the way the slot is playing on a thermometer type of animation.

What a slot stalker then simply needs to do is to sit back in the comfort of their own home and scroll through each of the hundreds of different slot games one at a time and then they will be able to see if each slot game in turn has paid out a series of up to five jackpots recently.

The animation gives a valid and real time indication of when the last five jackpots were won on each slot game it is attached to and using a very easy to understand mathematical formula then gives and indication of whether the jackpots have been paid recently or are overdue.

The slot stalker then simply finds a slot on which the jackpot payouts are very overdue and will then launch that slot game and give it their best shot, in the hope that they then go on to be awarded with the jackpot or at the very least a sequence of large paying base game spins or a high paying bonus feature round.

Online Progressive Slot Machine Stalking

As you can stand to win some huge progressive jackpots online, you will not be too surprised that there are a large number of players who religiously stalk progressive slot games much like they would any other type of online slot games.

As soon as any progressive slot game has been online and available for a number of years then the value of each jackpot won and the frequency it is awarded is quite easy to track and monitor. It fact there are quite a number of progressive jackpot tracking websites available online, which list every single online progressive slot game and gives a complete breakdown of the history in regards to all jackpots won on these types of slot games.

It is therefore quite easy for slot stalkers to work out when on average a slot game that offers a progressive jackpot should award its jackpot. By finding out these facts and figures these types of slot players will then only ever play a progressive jackpot when its current jackpot value far exceeds the usual amount of cash any progressive game pays out as its jackpot payout.

There is no way of knowing just how successful these slot players are due to online casinos usually never naming players who have won a progressive jackpot, unless those players have requested publicity, and as such we cannot say with any level of certainty whether such a system works, but what we can state is that as soon as a jackpot on any progressive slot games has reached a point at which it usually pays out its jackpot then that jackpot is overdue and will be won sooner than later.

The thing to always keep in mind is that a progressive jackpot can be won by any player, at any moment, and there may of course be a number of slot stalkers all hoping to win a progressive jackpot and as such you will stand just as much chance of winning one of these often life changing jackpots as any other player, whether you are a slot stalker or not.

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