Slot Machines Football Players Would Play

football-star-slotToday we are going to take a somewhat comical look at a range of slot games that several different Football players would sit down to play, with the excitement building for this year’s Football World Cup we have taken a look at the nicknames of several World famous Football players and have chosen them a slot based on that nickname.

Jan Koller – This Czech Football player goes by the nickname of Dino and as such the most likely slot this player would enjoy playing is the Dino Might slot! With its two unique pick to win bonus games and its 8000 coin jackpot this may also be a slot game that appeal to you and with 25 optional payline which can be set into play for just 0.01 per line per spin it can be something of a low cost slot game to play.

Cătălin Munteanu – This unusually named Romanian Football player goes by the nickname of the Dragon Head and as such we have found the perfect slot for this talented player to play and that is of course the Dragon’s Loot slot, this Microgaming slot game is quite exciting due to you having to play off a picking round to determine how many free spins you will get to play off along with a potentially very high multiplier value.

Rob Rensenbrink – You will have to be of an age to remember this talented Netherlands player for he was one of the main players back in the 1970’s for the Dutch team, and thanks to his nick name being the Snake Man it goes without saying that if he was to play an online slot game is would be the Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders slot which offers free spins and a Snakes and Ladders themed board game bonus round.

Robert Herbin – Another very famous Football player back in the 1970’s was Robert Herbin who had the nick name The Sphinx and if he was to play a slot game then it would of course be the IGT Cleopatra slot he would get the most enjoyment out of, however, there are a huge number of other Egyptian themed slot games available online and if you fancy playing some of them then have a good look through our slot game reviews as we have dozens of them fully reviewed throughout this website.

Harry Kewell – This Australian born Football player played for a great number of different teams throughout his career and he earned himself the nick name The Wizard of Oz, due of course to his country of birth, and the only slot he would be interested in playing we guess would of course be the slot of the very same name that being the WMS designed Wizard of Oz slot which is now part of a two slot series of online slots.

Günter Siebert – This one time German team player was famed for this unbelievable skill at dodgy and sliding his way through the oppositions defence, and it wasn’t soon before he earned himself the nickname The Trout, with this in mind we have had a good long look through all of our fish themed slot games and have chosen the Alaskan Fishing slot game which is one of Microgaming’s new All Ways slot games offering hundreds of ways to win per spin put into play.

Vincenzo Montello – This Italian player was known by the nickname The Little Aeroplane and this was due to the way that he would outstretch his arms and run around the field whenever he had scored a goal, and there can only be one slot game for this player and that is Microgaming’s Stunt Pilot slot which not only Vincenzo Montello would enjoy playing but we think you will enjoy playing it too.

Ronald Koeman – This player was famed for his time playing for the Netherlands National team and he was a blonde hair player and quite bizarrely and due solely to his hair colour he was nicknamed The Little Snowflake! There are several slot games we just know he would enjoy playing however one that springs to mind and one we just know any slot player would also enjoy getting stuck into playing is Microgaming’s Polar Bash slot.

Rıdvan Dilmen – This Turkey player was famous back in the 1990’s and his nickname if you can remember that far back was of course The Devil, this nick name was given to him for several reasons all related to his on pitch talents and not some dark occult fetish he had! The Little Devil slot game is the one we would suggest he would have a lot of fun playing and this particular slot is one of the many slot games found online from Novomatic.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær – This one time Norway player who is now a team manager for one of the UK’s Football teams got himself the nickname the Baby Faced Assassin and this was due to him being very young looking coupled with the fact he was one of the best Strikers of the era, there is only one slot we can recommend for him and that is of course the Hit Man slot which is a slot from Microgaming boast three different and unique bonus feature games.

Soccer Themed Slot Games

As 2014 is of course a Football World Cup year you are going to find that many online casinos have started to update their range of slot games with a lot of Football themed slot games, and as such do look out for a whole host of special promotional offers during the final stages of this year’s World Cup.

In fact we have dedicated a section of our website to showcasing you the best Football World Cup 2014 Casino Promotions and Bonus Offers and have also put together a selection of the Best World Cup Themed Slots, so do have a good look around our website for those bonuses are very generous and those slot games are well worth playing.

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