Slot Machine Payline Structures Explained

dolphin-coast-slotSlot games are continually evolving, when they first appeared in land based venues many years ago there were very basic, mechanical devices offering three reels and one single payline. However as the decades have ticked by they have become very technically advanced devices and now you can play slots offering thousands of paylines and ways to win.

With this in mind and to enable you to track down a slot game you may fancy playing online we have compiled the following guide which will enlighten you on the many different payline structures offered on all online slot games you will come across, when playing at any of our featured online casino sites.

Multiple Payline Structured Slots

You are often going to select a slot game to play based on your available bankroll, and in most cases this will allow you to play a slot with all of its available paylines in play, for by doing so you are never going to see a winning combination spinning in on a payline you haven’t put into play.

Below are all of the currently available slot game payline structures you will find available online, and we have highlighted several slots offering these types of payline structures. So finding a slot game with that particular payline structure will be simple.

Single Payline Slots – A Classic slot game or the Fruit Machine games such as the Bundle in the Jungle slot found online all usually offer just one single payline, do be aware thought the latter named games do come with a huge number of bonus features, and as such if you are looking for easy to play slots then opt to play the Classic slots instead, one good one to play is the Cash Clams Slot.

3 Payline Slots – You will find quite a number of three payline slots online, but you need to be aware that these games often reward maximum line players with a larger jackpot, so if you fancy playing such a slot do consider giving the Jewel Thief Slot game a whirl and play it with all three lines in play.

5 Payline Slots – You will not find lots of 5 payline slots available online, but if you do play at a Microgaming powered casino then do checkout their Crazy Chameleons Slot, for when you play this game all winning combinations can be formed both ways.

9 Payline Slots – You will often find the 9 payline slot games available online are weighted, which means to get the best winning chances you need to play all of the 9 paylines to get the best long term payout percentage, and as such always play maximum lines spins when playing this type of slot online.

15 Payline Slots – Many progressive slot games boast a 15 payline structure, and one such slot is the Cash Splash Video Slot game, a large base game jackpot is offered on this slot but by always playing 15 paylines activated you get the chance of winning a huge jackpot on each spin set into motion.

20 Payline Slots – The most commonly played slot games are the 20 payline slots, for these slots allow you to play a fairly large number of spins for low stakes and can also offer a range of unique bonus games.

25 Payline Slots – There are hundreds of 25 payline slot games accessible online, and as such if you fancy playing one or more of them, then checkout our individual slot game reviews as we are finding it hard to pick one of them which is better than all the rest of them.

30 Payline Slots – You will find 30 payline slots not only available as standard slot games but several of them are used as the base game on slot tournaments, one such slot which is always guaranteed to offer plenty of entertainment and winning opportunities is the Mad Hatters Slot.

40 Payline Slots – Only a small number of online slot game designers have launched 40 payline slots, so you will have to do some research finding out just which casinos offer these types of slot machines, Microgaming powered sites for reference have a large collection of 40 payline slots.

50 Payline Slots – If it is 50 payline slots you fancy playing then make sure you give the Gladiator Slot a try, for this slot will give you a set of 100 free spins whenever three or more scatter symbols drop into view.

100 Payline Slots – The maximum number of adjustable paylines you are going to find attached to online slot games is 100, and one slot which is perfect for anyone looking to play such a game is the Cashapillar Slot.

All Ways Structured Slot Games

The following types of slot games all allow you to play every permutation of payline that are visible on the slot game screen. These types of slots are proving very popular thanks to one set fee being required to play hundreds or thousands of ways to win per spin played.

243 Ways to Win Slots – The beauty of playing the 243 ways to win slots or in fact any of the other slot mentioned below is that just one small set number of coins is required to play them., For example the Burning Desire Slot lets you play 243 ways to win of just 25 coins.

720 Ways to Win Slots – IGT have launched many 720 ways to win slot game, and the popularity of their online slot games is due to those slots originally starting life as land based slot games, so when playing at a site offering their suite of games you will come across lots of slots you may just have played before.

1024 Ways to Win Slots – You will often find you need to wager a higher number of coins into play if you choose to play the 1024 slot games and as such if you have a limited budget then do consider playing the 243 ways to win slots instead.

3125 Ways to Win Slots – So far the largest number of ways to win we have found on offer on an online slot game is 3125, and should you want the absolute chances of spinning in a winning combination then do give Microgaming’s Dolphin Coast Slot game some playtime.

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