Online Slots With Familiar Playing Structures

If you can remember back to 1996 there was a sheep called Dolly, she was something of a remarkable and very unique sheep in as much as she was the very first animal to be cloned from another sheep’s somatic cells and as such she became one of the most famous sheep in the world until her death in 2003.

Many online slot game designers must have taken a leaf out of the experts at the University of Edinburgh in the UK which is where this cloning procedure on Dolly was carried out, for over the years those slot game designers have been designing online slot games which are simply cloned copies of earlier slot game releases.

In this section of the website we are going to introduce you a large range of online slot games which all share the same basic playing structure and format, and as such it is safe to say that is you enjoy playing any of the slots we are about to introduce you to and highlight then you will additionally enjoy playing the other slots which are cloned copies of those slots.

Most Popular Online Slots and their Cloned Sister Games

One casino game designer that has never been afraid of launching lots of slots which are simply cloned slots of some of their most played and most popular slot games is Microgaming, having got hundreds of different slots on offer via their gaming platforms it is no surprise many of them share a similar playing structure.

One of Microgaming’s all time classic and most played video slot games is of course the Tomb Raider slot, this is one of their movie themed slot games which has stood the test of test and if you have played this slot at any time then do take a look over the many other Cloned Tomb Raider Slots, as you will find they play and pay the same way but come with different themes which include the reel symbols and the backdrop of the game.

One of Microgaming’s 3 reel slot games which boast a very high variance playing structure and a huge payout percentage is their Couch Potato slot. This is one of those slot games which can and occasionally does award some mega sized winning payouts and as such is a game worth checking out if of course you don’t mind playing high risk slots online. Take a look over our section of our website that is going to introduce you a range of Couch Potato Cloned Slot Games as those additional slots also boast a high risk and high reward playing structure.

Another slot which does get a lot of play time from players is the Thunderstruck slot, in fact Microgaming have launched a second slot in the series which is their highly advanced Thunderstruck II slot. If you have played the original version of this slot and enjoyed playing it then we think you are also going to enjoy playing the many Slot Games that are similar to Thunderstruck.

Also do take a look over the range of Cloned Copies of the Ladies Nite Slot which we have listed on a dedicated section of this website, for those slots all play and pay the same way and have a free spins bonus round which can trigger and re-trigger several times.

Slot Games with Identical RTP’s and Identical Pay Tables

It is no secret that the main aspect of the design of any online slot game that is going to make it very appealing to players is in regards to the long term expected payout percentage of that game, whilst some online slots have fairly standard payout percentages some have higher than average RTP’s and some have very low RTP’s, and it is the higher paying ones you should be seeking out to play.

With this in mind we have compiled several different slot playing guides and articles that are going to introduce you to a range of different Slots that share the same RTP’s and will also let you know just Which Slots have an Identical Pay Table.

As there are a huge range of different slot games available online we have also put together a guide which is going to introduce you to a wide range of Classic Slots that have the Same RTP’s, and as such if it is three reel single payline slots that you love playing then you will find plenty of them worthy of your time and attention listed on that particular slot playing guide.

Some slot games offer free spins, pick to win bonus rounds and some of them offer a spin the wheel to win a prize bonus game feature rounds, and you will also find some online slot games which give you the option of trying to increase any winning payouts value that you have spun in on its reels by taking a gamble type bonus game.

If you are quite partial to the gamble games attached to many online video slot machines then we invite you to have a good read through of our What Slots offer the Same Gamble Game Option guide, for there are more than enough slot games listed on that particular slot guide to keep you very busy when you decide to play them all.

The vast majority of online slot game boast a playing structure on which all winning combinations must be formed from left to right on the screen, meaning to get a winning payout you must spin in the required number of matching reel symbols on an activate paylines beginning on reel number one and then having them line up on consecutive reels.

However there are a range of what are known as Both Ways slots available online and when playing these slots you will also get a winning payout awarded to you when you line up a set of matching reels symbols from right to left on the screen and we have plenty of these types of slots listed on our Which Slots Have Both Ways Playing Structures guide.

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