Online Slots That are Similar to Couch Potato

Couch-Potato-SlotWhen you play slot games at any of our listed casino sites you are going to find they will come with one of three different variances attached to them, you will find plenty of low to medium risk slots offering their own unique low and medium variance playing structures, however for slot players who are prepared to take lots of risks when playing slots then you will not find a more exciting range of slots to play that the High Variance Slots.

High variance slots are designed to give players something of a nail biting playing structure for they have been designed in such a way that when playing them you could that any minute spin in a huge paying base game winning combination, or if you are playing a bonus game awarding video slot which boasts a high variance playing structure then as soon as the bonus game is triggered you could be in for a mega winning payout once you have played off that bonus game.

Some of the most basic types of slots you can play are of course the Classic slot games and what makes these slots quite appealing to some players is that you will have a very basic playing structure which entails you only having the ability to put into play and activate one single pay line.

However when you choose to play these types of slots and slots which have a high variance playing structure such as the Couch Potato Slot which is found at every one of our top rated Microgaming Casinos then you will be given the option of placing from one to three coins on that single payline.

The way in which this single payline slot manages to achieve its high variance playing structure is thanks to a set of Wild Multiplier Symbols which are found on all three reels. When a players spin in just one of these symbols and that symbol spins in alongside any two other matching symbols the payouts awarded to you will be worth five times the values listed on the pay table based on the number of coins you are playing.

If however two of these wild symbols spin in alongside any other standard reel symbols the winning payout listed on the pay table for that winning combination is boosted in value instantly by an enormous twenty five times its normal payout value! Three of the wild symbols lining up on the payline will award a jackpot payout worth 2000, 5000 and 15000 coins for a one, two or three coin spin respectively.

As you can see the jackpot payout is enhanced the more coins you wager per spin, so if this slot is appealing to you and you choose to play it then always play it with three coins in play. Another major attraction for slot players of this slot is that it comes with a huge payout percentage of 97.43%.

Below are two additional slot games which are simply clone copies of the Couch Potato slot and as such if you play either of the two following slots you will benefit from an enhanced jackpot payout the more coins you wager and will of course be playing high variance slots with those huge wild multiplier reel symbols in play on the three reels.

High 5 Slot – The first cloned copy of Microgaming’s high variance Couch Potato slot that you can choose to play and probably will be tempted to play at one time or another is the High 5 slot, everything about this slot game is identical to the Couch Potato slot except of course its reel symbols and being such a high paying slot thanks to its way higher than average payout percentage it is just as highly playable as the slot it is cloned around.

Be aware that as you may have claimed a bonus when you are playing at a Microgaming powered casino site then slots such as this High 5 slot game will be ideal ones to play with such a bonus, for whilst the high payout percentage should ensure you get a fair chance of making the play through requirements attached to any casinos bonus offer the chance you can win big at any moment should ensure you have enough cash in reserve to try and make those play through requirements.

But always do remember high variance slots can also be bankroll decimating slots to play and if you do experience a very poor paying session when playing this slot or the one above or below then you could find your gaming bankroll vanishing very quickly, so do adjust the coin values to ensure you get plenty of spins for your money just in case it is playing cold.

Jungle 7 Slot – We really do doubt that you will want to play any other online three reel slot games when you compare the huge payout percentages and massive jackpots that can be won on the Jungle 7, High 5 and Couch Potato slot games with those RTP’s and jackpot offered on any other three reel slot, for none of them come close what these three slots can and do award players as winning payouts.

The Jungle 7 slot game does of course boast the very same pay table and pay out percentage as both the High 5 and Couch Potato slot and has, so far, been the only additional cloned slot of those two other slots Microgaming have launched.

You will find you can play this slot for many different stake levels and as always we would suggest you play it with sensible stakes in place due to its very high variance structure as you will not wanting it eating up your slot playing budget too quickly when playing it, which it can often do! However, thanks to those massive valued wild multiplier symbols if they keep on spinning in and helping to form winning combinations on its single payline you should soon start to see your casino account balance climbing in value very quickly, so do give it a try soon.

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