Slots With Bonus Games that Award Free Spins

lucky-eggsplorer-slotYou may be quite used to playing a slot game, spinning in three or more scatter symbols and then setting forth and playing off a set of free spins. However, to make some of the more recently released slot games a tad more exciting and entertaining we have seen some slot game designers adding a pre free spins bonus game to their slots.

So when you do spin in the required number of scatter or bonus symbols, instead of you being award a pre-determined number of free spins, you will first have to play off an additional bonus type game and it is the outcome of that bonus game that will ultimately determine how many free spins you are awarded with and the value of any multipliers that come into play as they are playing off.

Here are a range of real money slots that have recently gone live online, and when playing any of them when you trigger the bonus game you will first have to play off the initial bonus game mentioned alongside each slot to discover whether you have won a large or low number of free spins along with any additional multipliers.

Moonshine Slot – You will have to spin in a total of three or more of the Moonshine Bottle symbols to trigger the bonus game when playing this slot. When you do depending on how many of those scatter symbols you spin in you will be awarded with an initial set of free spins and a base multiplier amount.

You then are presented with a bonus game screen filled with boxes, and are tasked with having to pick one of them off that bonus screen in the hope you reveal either an additional set of free spins or an additional multiplier. If you do you will be allowed to keep on picking, but underneath one of those boxes is a Start Free Spins logo, and reveal that and the so far accumulated number of free spins and the accumulated multiplier values will then start to pay out and you will not be allowed to pick off any more boxes.

Prime Property – The Prime Property is another Microgaming designed and released online slot game, and the way in which the bonus game works is identical to that on the Moonshine slot game above. So if you have played that slot and enjoyed the unique way the free spins finally are awarded to you then make sure you give this slot game a whirl also.

Cashanova Slot – The Cashanova slot game is one of Microgaming’s 30 payline slot games and this game also has a unique bonus game which you need to play off to find out just how man7y free spins you are going to end up being awarded with.

The way in which the bonus game is awarded on this slot is by you spinning in three splattered egg scatter symbols anywhere on reels 3, 4 and 5 during the base game, and when you do you are then present with a 3 by 3 grid type of formation on the bonus game screen.

You have to pick one of the three eggs on row one to determine just how many free spins you will get to play off, then you need to pick off one egg on the second row of three eggs to reveal you multiplier value, and then by clicking on one of the eggs on the third row you will reveal a cash payout which is awarded to you at the end of every single free spin awarded to you.

The beauty of that final cash bonus award is that you are guaranteed to win something during the free spins bonus feature round, for even if you do not manage to spin in any winning combinations you will still be awarded with that bonus cash award at the end of every free spin you play off.

Lucky Eggsplorer Slot – This is another slot game on which you are going to be able to put into play 30 pay lines, and when you spin in the three Map symbols then you get to play a picking game which will see you either being awarded a cash amount which will be added to your account balance, a set of additional free spins or an increased multiplier value.

Spinning in three of those map symbols will see you initially be awarded with just five free spins and you then need to pick off locations from the on screen treasure island map and hope you can increase the number of free spins you end up being awarded with. You are only permitted to pick off three locations from the map so pick wisely and lets up you do indeed reveal a huge number of free spins.

Dragons Loot Slot – There is one final slot game which we do think you are going to really enjoy playing if you love triggering free spins bonus features when playing multi line video slots, and this is Microgaming’s Dragon Loots slot game which is sadly overlooked by many online slot players.

This game can be found listed in the 25 payline slot game menu at any casino using the downloadable gaming platform from Microgaming, and when playing this slot you need to be on the lookout for three of the Dragon symbols spinning in.

As soon as you do get three or more of the Dragon symbols spinning in you are first awarded a base game staked amount multiplier as a scatter pay payout, and then you get p play a special picking game.

Presented on the bonus game screen you will see several different locations of which you need to give one of them a click, and when you do you will reveal both a number of free spins and a multiplier value. The best part of this bonus game is that if you are lucky and pick off the right location you can win a huge number of free spins with a very large multiplier value attached to them.

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