Spanish Blackjack for Real Money

spanish-blackjackOne thing that will soon become apparent when you are playing the Spanish Blackjack game at any of our featured Microgaming Casinos is that you are never going to get dealt out any 10 cards, you can of course be dealt out the King, Jack and Queen cards which all have a face value of ten but you will never be dealt out any 10 cards, as all of those cards have been removed from each of the eight decks of playing cards in the shoe of this game.

This is certainly one of Microgaming’s more unique and exotic Blackjack Game Variants and what can and does make it a game of great interest to many players is that as you are playing it there are a range of bonus payouts that will be awarded to you without the need to place a bonus type side bet and they are awarded to you as soon as you are dealt out one of several different hand combinations, all of which are listed in this review of the Spanish Blackjack game, so keep on reading as this game may be one you could enjoy playing.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Should you fancy getting stuck into playing this Spanish Blackjack game once you have finished reading this review of what it has to offer, then do be aware that at all downloadable Microgaming casino sites you are going to find there are a total of four different versions of the game on offer.

There are two Gold Series versions of this game which include a single hand and a multi hand game, and when playing the latter you can play up to five hands per game played. The Gold Series variant has enhanced player control features and graphics and really does look the part.

However, if you fancy playing Microgaming’s original versions of this game which have something of an older yet retro look and feel to them, then both a single and multi hand version of the Spanish Blackjack game is available in their original format and design. The stake levels are fully adjustable and as such you can send any hand into live play with stakes set as low as just 1.00 or increase the stake levels up to some high rolling amounts of up to 200.00 per hand.

Dealer and Player Rules

So as to allow you a much clearer understanding of how this Spanish Blackjack game is structured we will now give you a breakdown of each of the dealer and player rules that come into effect once you put the game into live play.

The Dealer is always tasked with shuffling all of the 8 decks of cards that are in the shoe before starting to deal out both his and your hand, and as he deals out the game he will deal himself a hole card, which is a face down card placed alongside his initial up facing card, he always checks this card when there is any possibility of him holding a Blackjack hand.

All hands that are worth in value a soft 17 or lower will see the Dealer hitting those hands, and both Insurance and a Late Surrender option will be offered to players when available.

Players have lots of liberal playing rules when playing Microgaming’s Spanish Blackjack game and as such we shall now run through each them. Players can double down on any two cards and may also re-double down once per hand played. Players will be offered Late Surrender even after they have made a double down betting decision when the game player rules allows for this option to be taken.

Splitting cards is of course allowed and players can split a hand when they have been dealt out a pair of cards of the same value and this does include all of the Picture Card pairings. Aces can be split and re-split and players can double down and hit cards dealt out to a split Ace.

You can of course play this game in either a real money mode, or if you wish to master playing it and get used to the bonus payouts and its unique playing structure then a free play option is available on all four different versions of this Spanish Blackjack game, so do consider giving it a free play type of session to see if you are going to enjoy playing it at a later date in the real money mode.

Payouts and Playing Tips

We shall now let you know about both the base game winning payouts and also the bonus winning payouts that you can be awarded when playing the Spanish Blackjack game for real money at any Microgaming powered casino. However let us first pass on to you a few playing tips.

As this game allows you to surrender your hand, there are just a few times when that is the correct strategic move to make. If the Dealer has dealt you out a hard 16 or a hard 17 and he is showing via his up facing card an Ace then that is when you should surrender your hand. Also if the Dealer is showing an Ace and you have been dealt out a pair of 8’s then that is the only other time you should surrender your hand.

The standard base game winning payouts are even money for all winning non Blackjack paying hands which include any split Aces or 10’s dealt out any 10 or Ace card respectively, a winning players Blackjack hand pays out at odds of 3 to 2 and a winning players Insurance side bet wager pays out at odds of 2 to 1 when you are playing this real money Spanish Blackjack game online.

The bonus payouts, which we are now going to enlighten you, on will be paid out but only when you have not doubled down on a hand. A 5 cards players 21 awards a payout of 3 to 2, a six cards 21 players hand pays out at odds of 2 to 1. Any players hand with 7 or more cards in it worth a total value of 21 awards a bonus payout worth 3 to 1.

You will also be awarded a bonus payout of 3 to 2 if your hand is a mixed 6, 7, 8 or mixed 7, 7, 7 hand. If those cards are of the same suit the bonus payout is boosted to 2 to 1, unless they are in the suit of Spades and when they are the bonus payout becomes a much larger payout of 3 to 1.

If you have not split a hand or doubled down on a hand and the Dealers initial face up card results in him being dealt a 7 card and the first three initial cards dealt out to your hard are three 7’s then a winning bonus payout worth 50 to 1 is awarded to you.

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