How Split Symbol Slot Machines Work

blade-slot-mainThere are a range of online slot games that you will come across when playing at casinos powered by software from companies such as IGT Interactive, Playtech and Microgaming that have something known as a Split Symbol playing format.

These slots are unlike the standard multi line, multi stake bonus game awarding video slots in as much as it is possible to form winning combinations which have more than five symbols. As the slots which boast this Split Symbol format have five reels then it may be puzzling you how you can form a winning combination with more than five symbols on it.

There are a couple of ways which this can be done, for example when playing Playtech’s range of slots which come with this Split Symbol format one of the reel symbols will be divided up into two symbols, and as such if that symbol spins in alongside a matching set of identical reel symbols on any payline you have activated then you can form a higher paying winning combination.

So for example if you have five matching symbols on any activated payline and one of these symbols is a Split Symbol you are awarded with the 6 symbol winning payout as opposed to the standard five of a kind winning payout.

IGT Interactive have chosen a slightly different way of putting the Split Symbols into play on their range of slots however, and as such when you play any of their real money slot games which boast such a playing structure you will find that more than one symbol can have two symbols printed upon on it, and as such when playing these types of games it is possible to form a ten of a kind winning combination on one single payline.

It may be worth you checking out the pay table on any slot game offering a Split Symbol playing structure as by doing so you will then be able to see how many additional winning payouts can be awarded to you when those symbols spin in and form a winning combination.

Playtech Split Symbol Slots

Blade Slot – One slot game which is going to give you a very enjoyable slot playing session and one which has the Split Symbol playing structure is the Playtech designed Blade Slot game. This slot is part of Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot range of slots and as such when you are playing it not only will it be possible to form winning combinations containing more than the usual five of a kind symbols but you could also be randomly awarded a large progressive jackpot.

IGT Interactive Split Symbol Slot

Noah’s Ark Slot – If you choose to play the Noah’s Ark slot which is one of the many must play IGT Interactive slots which are available online as no download slot games then you will discover that you can form a ten of a kind winning combinations on any of the paylines you activate and put into play.

This is due to some symbols being divided up into two symbol symbols, and when a five of these symbols spin in on one activated payline then you will be awarded with the ten of a kind winning payout which is listed on this slot games pay table.

Microgaming Split Symbol Slots

So Much Candy Slot – Microgaming have three brand new slot games which feature the Split Symbol feature and the first one which is going to be a game worth playing is the So Much Candy slot. Whilst slot games boasting a sweet theme are not to be found in great numbers, this is a slot sure to get anyone with a sweet tooth quite excited.

This game has a very unique type of free spins bonus feature round which is going to be worth triggering for all the high valued reel symbols transpose into just one reel symbol which can split when the free spins are playing out.

So Many Monsters Slot – Another new slot from Microgaming that really is going to give you the chance to win some large payouts thanks to a set of Split Symbol is their So Many Monsters slot game which has just gone live on their gaming platform.

You are going to not only be able to see reel symbols splitting as you play the base game, but these feature also kicks in when the free spins bonus game has been awarded to you. With its own unique Monster related them this is sure to be a slot that Microgaming heavily promotes at Halloween. However, it is of course worth tacking down and playing at any time of the year, so make sure you give it a whirl some time real soon.

So Much Sushi Slot – As you will probably know, Microgaming have a plethora of 25 payline slot games such as their Tribal Treasure Slot. However, their brand new So Much Sushi slot game differs from most other slots offering that amount of paylines in as much as you have to play all 25 payline son each spin.

Whilst it is true to say that a lot of players will prefer playing slots which give the option of adjusting the number of paylines they put into play, there are several benefits of playing one of these fixed payline slots.

For a start thanks to the Split Symbols you can see a five of a kind winning combination having its reel symbols split into five symbols which could result in your being awarded a 25 times the standard payout associated with the winning combination, and not only that a special free spins bonus game can be triggered which will see you having full control of choosing how many free spins you are awarded with.

Not only that but whichever set of free spins you opt to play will see all of the higher valued reel symbols being replaced with just one reel symbol so you could, with a little bit of luck, form multi high valued winning payouts as those free spins are playing off.

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