Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

live-dealer-blackjackThere are some subtle differences in regards to the way live dealer Blackjack games play when you are comparing them to the software driven games found in most online casino sites. You will of course notice first that you will be playing against a real dealer who will be displayed on your computer screen in a little window, that window is where the live feed from the land based casino will be streamed.

When playing live dealer Blackjack you will have to make each of your betting and playing decisions within a certain amount of time, for you are up against a timer when it is your turn to play your hand, so keep that in mind as the games will flow as fast as they do in a land based casino, as that is where they are being played from obviously.

The stakes at which you can play live dealer Blackjack are more or less that same as those you can play online casino Blackjack games for, so you are not going to be forced to play for stake levels that are too high for your gaming budget to be able to sustain.

The aim of any hand of live dealer Blackjack is of course the same as when you play Blackjack anywhere else, and this is of course for you to beat the dealers hand by being dealt out a higher valued hand without going over 21 in value, you are paid out at even money when you beat the dealers hand or 3 to 2 if you are dealt out a Blackjack hand which beats the dealers hand.

Selecting a Low House Edge Live Blackjack Game

The best advice we can pass onto anyone who does fancy playing live dealer Blackjack is for you to have a look at the many different variants on offer and simply select the one which has the lowest house edge.

Due to there being many different live Blackjack game on offer, all of which are structured differently, and by this we mean the number decks of playing cards in the shoe, the game play rules and also the payouts, the house edge of each variant is going to different greatly.

If you play a variant with a high house edge, then over time you are going to be expected to lose much more quickly than if you tracked down and played one with a lower house edge.

Bets to Avoid Placing

There is one bet that you should never place when playing any variant of live dealer Blackjack, and this is the insurance wager. The dealer is always going to offer you this option when his initial face up card is an Ace. To place this side bet you have to place an additional wager onto the table, and this has to be half of the value of your original base bet.

Due to the Insurance wager having such a massive house edge, it is therefore a poor value bet and one that over time will cost you a lot of money. The winning payout for an Insurance bet wager is 2 to 1 and sadly a lot of players make the mistake of placing that side bet in the mistaken belief that it offers value, but the opposite is in fact true so always avoid placing this wager when it is offered to you.

You will off course have several other betting options available to you when playing any live dealer Blackjack games online, the standard betting options that will require you to pay to place them include a split bet and a double down bet. You can stand and hit a hand also, and by doing this you are never forced to pay anything when you take those two playing decisions.

There will be times when any of those four betting and playing decisions are the correct or incorrect moves to make, and we will give you an idea of how to play each hand correctly in the next section of this guide below.

Playing the Correct Strategy

When you do play live dealer blackjack you will, as the games flow, be offered several different additional betting options.  It is important that you follow the correct playing strategy for the variant you are playing as some of the optional and additional bets will cost you money. We would therefore suggest you get a strategy card for the variant you are playing as that will allow you to know how to play each hand dealt out to you correctly.

The first optional wager you can place is of course the split bet which will see you being able to form a new hand when you have been dealt a pair of matching cards which can include any 10 valued cards. When you do split a pair you are required to place an additional bet on your new hand which is going to be of the same value as the original bet you placed to set the game underway.

Another betting option is the double down wager, depending on the variant you are playing you will be offered the chance of being dealt out one extra card to your hand in exchange for an additional wager that is one again equal in value to your original bet.

You can of course choose to hit a hand as many times as you like, and by doing this every time you hit your hand you will be dealt out one extra card which will not cost you anything. If you stand a hand you will not be dealt out any additional cards, and you hand will then be compared with the dealers once all other players hand made their betting decisions and if you hand is valued higher than the dealers, without going over 21 in value, then you will win.

If you do acquire a blackjack strategy card for the live blackjack game you are playing, it will show you how each hand you have been dealt, based on its value, should be played dependent on what card the dealer is showing.

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