Live Dealer Casino Hold’em Strategy

If you are interested in playing any of the new live dealer Hold’em casino card games that many of our featured online casinos have on offer, then you will of course first need to get a basic understanding of how to play this popular casino poker game, whilst at the same time having a good idea of how to play each hand that has been dealt out to you.

With this in mind we have put together this live casino Hold’em strategy guide which should allow you to gain a much clearer understanding of the game play rules attached to the Hold’em games on offer at various online casinos work, and that should allow you to make the best betting and playing decisions when you do start to play.

It is worth pointing out that when you play live dealer Hold’em games online you will be able to track everything that is happening in the land based casino where this game is being played via a video stream which is fed to your computer, and it will be preferable for you to have as much bandwidth available via your internet connection as is possible so you do not lose any of the quality of that live video feed.

Understanding the Structure of Live Dealer Hold’em Games

As soon as you have logged into a casino offering this particular card game in a live dealer playing environment, you will be required to place an Ante Bet to allow you to take part in the next hand, the best strategy will call for this wager not to be higher than around 5% of your overall gaming budget, for if you decide to continue with your hand you are required to place an additional Call Bet.

If you have never played Hold’em casino games before, then the aim is for you to end each game with a stronger ranked hand that then dealers, and if you do then a range of payouts are awarded to you based on how strong your hand is and what the dealers hand contains.

It is therefore important that once you and any other players have placed their Ante Bet and everyone has been dealt out their initial set of playing cards, which is known as the Flop that you study those cards and then decide if they are likely to beat the dealers yet unseen hand.

In the Flop part of the game you are dealt out two initial cards face up, and three additional community cards will be dealt out in the middle of the table, the dealer is dealt two facing down cards.

An additional side bet option is also offered to you at the same point in time that you place your Ante Bet, and this bet will award a range of bonus payouts if a certain set of cards make up one of the listed bonus hands.

Once you have placed your Ante Bet, and the additional side bet wager, and all of the other players have made their initial betting decision and the cards have been dealt out, each player in turn will then be offered the second betting decision which they have to make.

If your hand is a poor valued one and has very little chance of beating the dealers yet unseen hand, then you should Fold your hand and by doing so you will lose your Ante Bet, however if you think your hand has a good chance of beating the dealers then you can place the Call Bet, which you have to do before the onscreen timer reaches zero.

There is a price to be paid for placing the Call Bet wager, and that is twice the amount you placed as your Ante Bet, it is therefore very important that you always have enough funds accessible in your casino account to play this bet, as you will not have enough time to visit the casino cashiers interface and deposit more cash in your account as that timer ticks down.

It should be noted that if you have placed the additional side bet option alongside your initial Ante Bet and you fold your hand then that wager will also be lost.

Once all players have either Called their bet or Folded their hand the dealer will then move onto the final part of the game, and this will see a further two cards being dealt out to the community card, the fourth card dealt out for reference is known as the Turn Card and the fifth and final card is known as the River Card.

The dealer is then going to turn over his or her two facing down cards, and all players hands will be compared with the dealer’s hand. There are two different sets of payouts that will be paid out to you depending on the value of the dealer’s hand, and we will explain what these payouts are in the section below.

Understand the Ante and Call and Bonus Bet Payouts

You will instantly lose all of your bets if the dealers hand is a higher ranked hand than yours. However, if the dealers hand is a lower ranked one that yours then a set of payouts will be awarded to you based on the value and ranking of the dealers hand and your hand.

Should your hand and the dealers be exactly the same then that will be something known as a push and all of your stakes are returned to you and you have neither won nor lost anything on that hand! Getting a perfectly matched hand with the dealers is rare but it can and will happen occasionally.

Should your hand be a higher valued one than the dealers you are paid out at even money for your call bet and the following payouts are awarded to you but only if the dealers hand contains at least a pair of 4’s or higher: Royal Flush 100 to 1, Straight Flush 20 to 1, 4 of a Kind 10 to 1, Full House 3 to 1, Flush 2 to 1, Straight or Lower 1 to 1.

Be aware the payout odds just listed may vary from casino to casino, however they are the industry standard winning payouts for this game, and any casino offering lower odds than those mentioned is offering a poor paying game and should be avoided.

The following set of payouts are awarded if you have placed the optional side bet wager which is commonly known as the AA side bet option: Flush 100 to 1, Straight Flush 50 to 1, 4 of a Kind 40 to 1, Full House 30 to 1, Straight or Lower 7 to 1.

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