Strategies for Playing 3 Reel Slots

Everybody will usually have their own type of slot playing strategy and whilst many online slot players strategy will involve simply sitting down and playing any slot game for any stake amount and then simply hoping that Lady Luck plays a part in their next gaming session, it is always going to be beneficial for slot players to have in place a much better thought out type of slot playing strategy and one that put into place some way of limiting their losses and locking in any profits made during any single slot playing session.

Whilst obviously choosing the right type of 3 reel slot to play is all part of any slot players strategy you will also need to know how to stake each spin you play off and when to stop playing once you have made a profit or as a way of limiting any further losses when you are experiencing a losing session.

With this in mind take a look at our best strategy for playing 3 reel slot games online which you will find below, and be prepared to follow the advice given as a way of giving you an increased chance of ending any slot playing session in profit or with at least some of your initial deposited amount still intact.

Reducing Your Risk of Busting Out

There is one thing that all 3 reels slot player will not want to do, and that is to bust out their bankroll, this is of course a very likely possibility as every slot player will know there are going to be risks involved with playing slots online and what any savvy slot player is going to want to do is to reduce the risk of them busting out either too quickly or busting out their entire slot playing budget in one single session.

You should therefore first and foremost work out just how much you wish to wager on any one single 3 reel slot playing session, and then choose a range of slots offering you the best chances of winning, this is simply going to see you sticking to playing the slots which have the highest payout percentages.

Next you need to choose a stake at which to play those slot games for, and with this in mind you need to divide up your available bankroll to allow you to spread your risk over a large number of spins. No slot player is going to want to put at risk more than 2% of their available bankroll per single spin they play off and as such you need to find the stake you will play each spin off for, so divide up your bankroll by 50 an use that as the unit stake per spin you play.

If you have for example 100.00 as your available bankroll to play 3 reel slots then by dividing that bankroll up by 50 will mean each spin you play will be for stakes of 2.00, obviously you can adjust that stake to suit your own preferred level of risk, but always try and aim to get as many spins per session as you can from your available bankroll.

Knowing when to stop plying is always going to be vital to any slot players playing strategy, and this is where a stop loss limit needs to be put into place along with you knowing when to stop playing if you get onto a winning streak and those winning combinations start to spin into time and time again.

You will never want to bust your casino account balance out completely so put into place a stop loss limit of 25% of your initial bankroll, so in our example of a 100.00 bankroll if you have had a series of losing outcomes when playing 3 reel slots and your casino account balance dwindles away down to around 25.00 then stop playing at that casino site so you still have some of your initial deposit left for another session.

However, if at any time you casino account balance grows by around 50% of its original value and in our example of a 100.00 starting balance your balance grows to around 150.00 then be prepared to stop playing and cash out those winnings and your initial balance as by doing so you will have made a fairly decent profit and will live to play another day.

Avoiding Slot Bonus Traps

You need to become something of a savvy slot player when playing slots online, for there is usually the minefield that is slot bonuses to negotiate at all online casinos before you even start to play the slot games and taking bonuses can obviously increase your slot playing bankroll quite dramatically, however those bonuses will always be designed in such a way that your overall winning chances are reduced.

With that in mind we find the most sensible strategy that a lot of slot players will put into place when playing 3 reel slots is to completely avoid taking any type of casino bonuses and simply playing with your own money, by doing so you can forget about many of the traps bonuses have attached o them such as play though requirements, slot game restrictions, minimum and maximum permitted stake levels and maximum cash out limits.

You may find online casino slot comps will allow you to earn comps and bonus credits via your real money 3 reel slot play and those types of loyalty schemes are perfect for earning bonus credits without putting at risk your deposit amount via any form of in play rules or terms and conditions.

So avoid taking bonuses in one of the very best pieces of advice we can give any 3 reel online slot players, for by only every playing with your own money you will be free to cash out at any time you like and will never be forced to carry on playing after a decent sized winning payout and put both your bankroll and those winnings at further risk as you will be forced to do when you have chosen to accept a bonus.

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