Super Fun 21 Blackjack for Real Money

super-fun-21-blackjackAt each of our approved Microgaming Casinos you are going to find so many different Blackjack Game Variants you may be slightly overwhelmed when playing at such a site, however thanks to the diversity and variety of Blackjack games on offer we are more than confident that you will find several of their games appealing and games you will find yourself drawn to playing time and time again, and one such game is the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game.

This game will call for a very different strategy to be put into play by players for there are some different payout structures attached to the standard and unique winning hand combinations that you can be awarded with when playing it.

With that in mind have a good read through of this review of the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game as the bonus payouts when they start to kick in and are awarded to you can greatly increase your playing pleasure and more importantly than that your bankroll. This game is available to play for free if you would prefer to master the way it works before giving it a try for real money.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

You are going to be able to pick from four different versions of the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game to play when logged into a downloadable Microgaming casino site, two of these games are single hand games on which you can obviously play one hand per game, and the other two variants are multi hand versions.

When playing the multi hand Super Fun 21 Blackjack game for real money you are going to be able to put into play up to five hands per game. Whichever variant you choose to play you will find the minimum bet permitted per hand sent into live play is just 1.00 and the maximum stake per hand is 200.00 per hand.

If you are wondering why there are two single hand and two multi hand variants on offer, this is due to Microgaming keeping their original versions of these games on their gaming platform. They did revamp their suite of Blackjack games with more enhanced Gold Series versions, but it was found many players enjoy the retro look and feel of the original games, so they have chosen to keep them on their gaming platforms to give players the maximum range of games to play.

Dealer and Player Rules

As soon as you have chosen your stake amount and clicked on the deal button then the Dealer is going to follow a set of playing rules, the first of which will see the cards being fully shuffled before he starts to deal to the cards, and as soon as he is dealing out the cards he will deal himself in addition to his face up card a face down card which is known as a hole card.

The hole card is placed alongside the face up card and if the Dealers initial card is an Ace or 10 valued card then he will take a peek at the face down hole card to check for Blackjack. He will hit each and every single hand dealt out to him that has a value of a soft 17 or lower and then stand on all higher valued hands.

The Dealer is going to offer players the option of taking Late Surrender on any number of cards in their hand, and when a player chooses to take this option he or she will get half of their stake money returned and their hand will be removed from live play.

Players can if they choose to double down on any number of cards, double down rescue is also on offer and a player is also freely able to double down even after they have split a pair of cards and formed two new hands.

Players are allowed to spit both matching valued cards and unalike 10 valued cards, and each initial hand can be split up to 3 times which will, when a hand has been split a total of three times, see that player playing off a maximum of 4 newly formed hands.

You are able to split Aces obviously and you can also re-split a pair of Aces, and unlike most other variants of Blackjack when you have split or re-split any Aces you can draw multiple cards or double down on each Ace. As this game may take a little getting used to a free play option is also available in addition to the standard real money mode.

Payouts and Playing Tips

You will be awarded with a winning payout if your hand beats the Dealers hand, this payout includes a winning players Blackjack hand. Be aware that the game play rules of this Super Fun 21 Blackjack game state that when both the player and the Dealer have a Blackjack hand instead of the game ending in a push the players hand will win and beat the Dealers, but as just mentioned all winning players Blackjack hands are paid out at odds of even money.

A range of bonus payouts will be awarded to player’s and the following bonus payouts are awarded only to a hand that the player has not made a double down betting move on. Should a player win any hand with a Blackjack hand in the suit of Diamonds then the standard even money winning payout is boosted in value to 2 to 1.

If a player has any hand containing six cards and is valued at 20 or less, then his or her hand will always win, no matter what hand the Dealer has dealt out to himself. Any player’s hand containing 5 or more cards that has a total value of 21 wins instantly and a bonus winning payout of 2 to 1 is awarded to those hands.

One playing tip we would like you to put into play is when you have been dealt out any pair of 7’s when playing this game, is to Surrender that hand but only when the Dealers up facing card is a 10 valued card or any Ace.

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