Superstitious Slot Machine Players

good-luck-charmIn this article we are going to take a look at some of the weird and wonderful ways that some slot players will play their favourite slot machines both online and in a land based casino. Being superstitious can often lead to some slot players performing very strange rituals when they are playing slot machines, and below are some of the ways these players play slots and alongside each of them you will find out whether they can help you win or lose.

Reel Glass Rubbers

You will often see some slot players rubbing the glass or screen of a slot game where the reels are located. This is often the case when a player has spun in two of the required three scatter or bonus symbols or even a set of stacked wild symbols on the first couple of reels and are then hoping that by rubbing the reel glass or screen that the additional symbols spin in to allow them to trigger the bonus game or award them a large winning payout.

There is sadly no way in the world that rubbing the screen or reel glass is going to help you in any way shape or form, and as such the only thing that this will guarantee is that you are going to leave smears all over the screen.

Button Bashers

Another way slot players will play slots is that they will bash away on the control buttons of the slot once they have set the reels into live play. They will do this in the hope that by clicking the buttons or giving them a bash they will uncover some magical sequence that will then result in a winning combination spinning in.

There is however some logic behind this type of slot playing ritual, as there have been instances where a slot machine has been released but with a software or design fault which becomes apparent when the control buttons are clicked in a certain sequence.

However, many of those errors have been fixed long ago, and it is now very, very rare for any slot machine to go live on a casino floor with such a fault in place upon it. So tapping or bashing the control buttons are not going to help you win, and ladies you may even break a finger nail if you bash those buttons too vigorously.

Playing Several Slots at Once

Another type of slot player is probably the most annoying kind you can encounter when playing in a land based casino. This is the type of player who will feed coins or bank notes into a full bank or row of slot machines and then will play each of those slots on minimum bet spins.

They will be hoping by playing multiple slots all at the same time that they will then hit at least one jackpot or high paying bonus game due to spreading the risk over several slots. This can often become a reality for such slot players so there is some logic to this playing system.

However, what these players will often do is annoy other players who wish to play one of the several slots those players are hogging, and it can often lead to confrontations on the casino floor when those multiple slot players do not give up one of their slots to other players waiting to play them.

Sunday Slot Players

There is an interesting type of superstitious slot machine player and these are those players who will only ever visit and play slots at their local casino on a Sunday. They will often be waiting outside until the casino opens, if of course the casino is not open 24 hours a day, and there is one main reason they play slots on a Sunday.

The reason has nothing to do with religion, it is down to the fact that the busiest night of the week for any casino anywhere in the world is on a Saturday night, and as such these players will be hoping that they will end up playing a slot machine that has been fed with money on Saturday night and is due to imminently pay out once the casino opens on a Sunday.

Whilst there is no mathematical proof that this system will win or lose, as slots are random then these players are just as likely to end up winning when playing on a Sunday as those who are playing on a Thursday afternoon.

Lucky Mascots and Trinkets

Some superstitious players will put onto the machine they are playing some form of lucky trinket or lucky mascot. Whilst people tend not to walk around with a Rabbits Foot in their pocket these days, you will often find these trinkets can include pictures of their loved ones, small Buddha like statues or in fact anything that the player perceives brings them luck.

Once again there is no way in the world these mascots or lucky trinkets can guarantee a person will win, but once a player wins when using such a thing they will then associate it with their winning session and will also place it upon the slot before playing it.

I can actually recall a woman playing in a local land based casino, she had sat down next to the slot I was playing and we started talking, she said look, someone has left a lucky feather next to the spin button on the slot, and amazing at it may seem she then when on to win the progressive jackpot on that slot a few spins later.

Needless to say that every time I see this woman playing the slots in that land based casino, that now lucky feature is strategically placed alongside the spin button of the slot she is playing! However, I have yet to hear the bells and whistles going off on her slot indicating that she has just won another large valued progressive jackpot.

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