Sure Win Cup Slot Tournament

The Sure Win Cup slot tournament is a Quarterly event held at all Microgaming powered casinos that have available the networked tournaments on their respective gaming platforms, and it is your chance to take part in a huge cash prize paying tournament.

One of the main attractions of this slot tournament is that you can take part in it either for free or pay a direct entry fee along with being able to utilize add on and re-buys, and as such if you are looking for a great way of spending the summer playing slot games in a very cost effective way, then this is one slot tournament to pencil into your slot playing diary.

As the name of this slot tournament does imply the slot being used on the tournament is the Sure Win Slot, however as Microgaming have just released a revamped HD Sure Win Slot that latter named game is the one they have chosen to use on this slot tournament as opposed to the original version.

Structure of the Sure Win Cup Tournament

The Sure Win Cup slot tournament is going to be available to players from July 6th right through until the 2nd of August 2015, and you will find all casinos that have it available will offer you access to a freeroll satellite tournament so your original entry is not going to cost you anything.

However, being such a popular slot tournament you are going to be able to make use of continues and re-buys. When you have played off your initial free enter for a small one off fee you can opt to carry on player form the point you finished playing off that initial entry.

Should you have accumulated a fair high score on that initial entry then it may pay dividends for you to take those continues as by playing on you will of course be able to increase your score which may help you arrive at one of the prize paying positions on the leader board.

However, if you have played off your initial free entry and did not accumulate a high score, then you will be given the option of paying small one off additional fee which is going to allow you to take that initial entry again with your original score being wiped clean.

The cash prize pool on offer on the Sure Win Cup slot tournament is €10,000 and that prize pool is divided up into ten equal €1000 cash prizes which the ten highest scoring players taking part in the tournament will each receive.

With that in mind and due to the relatively low cost re-buy and add on fees charged then do consider making use of them as there will be plenty of other players all aiming to bag a share of that prize pool.

How to Register for the Sure Win Cup Slot Tournament

You will need to register a unique username when you wish to take part in any Microgaming slot tournament, and to do that you must click on the multi player tab in the game menu and then launch the tournament schedule.

When you click on the Sure Win Cup slot tournament or in fact any of the other slot tournaments available for the very first time you will then be prompted to register a username. Once done you are then going to be able to enter any of the slot tournament offered at that casino site instantly without having to register another user name.

As fees charged to enter a slot tournament will be removed from your casino account balance once you choose to enter these slot tournaments and with that in mind always endure you have enough funds in your casino account to enter the tournament.

If the entry fee is in another currency other than that at which you have set your casino account at, then the software is going to remove the entry fee from your casino account balance at the rate of exchange offered y the Microgaming slot network, so you will have no problems paying for your entry or any additional re-buys or add-ons.

Sure Win HD Slot Game Overview

As there may be a very good chance that you have not yet played the sure Win HD slot game from Microgaming, and as that is of course the slot game which is being used as the base game on this slot tournament, then we shall now take a closer look at how this slot has been designed.

The Sure Win HD slot game is a 25 payline slot and as such you are going to have plenty of ways of structuring each spin depending on how you wish to play it, however the vast majority of players are always going o be playing all 25 paylines and with the maximum number of coins activated on each of those paylines when playing this slot in this slot tournament.

The base game jackpot up for grabs is a 7000 coin per coin per line jackpot payout which is awarded for a line of five of this slot games wild symbols spinning in on any activated payline. However, what makes those wild symbols slightly better than normal is that they have been designed as wild multiplier symbols.

Any winning combination or combinations formed with those symbols triple the value of those winning payouts that they help to complete.

A set of scatter symbols are also in play on each of the five reels and whenever you have spun in three or more of them then you are given three different options in regards to how you can play off your free spins.

You can choose a low risk set of 24 free spins on which x2 multipliers are attached or for a slightly more risky free spins bonus game you could opt to play off either 16 free spins on x3 multiplier values or play off just 12 free spins on which the multiplier values are worth x4.

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