Baccarat Systems

Baccarat is a game of chance, therefore all the Baccarat Systems are based on betting decisions; meaning, which bet to place, how much money to place on a certain bet, and how to change your bets from hand to hand.

Of course, we must keep in mind that no betting system is foolproof. The outcome of the game is up to luck, and the strategic play is merely used to increase your payoffs when you win.

Most of these Baccarat strategies are very similar to Roulette Systems, as they are based on increasing or decreasing betting units according to the last bets, and since they demand discipline and self-control. If you would like to play more freely and still increase your payoffs, try our baccarat tips.

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Working with a System
As you will see, all these systems require smart bankroll management. Prepare enough chips in advance, so you won’t fall short in the middle of a losing streak before you had a chance to get your money back. Also, start with a small betting unit, so you won’t get stuck hitting the table max limit. At Money Casino you can bet as low as $1 at the Baccarat table.

Known as the Martingale System, in this popular betting system, the player starts with a fixed betting unit ($1, for example), but doubles it after each loss. Once the player wins (and earns back the lost bets) he goes back to the original small betting unit. If it sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. This system is also used in Roulette for the even bets.

The idea is that since it’s pretty much a fifty-fifty probability, every loss takes you closer to winning, because no streak runs for ever. The same logic works in the opposite direction – you can double your bet after each win, and go back to the basic unit in case of loss. This reverse betting pattern is called the Anti-Martingale betting strategy, and the idea is the same.

Increasing by Fixed Units
This system is quite similar to the previous one – except that instead of doubling the bet, the bettor adds or decreases a fixed sum (usually the basic betting unit) from the last bet he placed. For example, after a losing bet, you raise by adding 1 unit to the last sum, and after a winning bet you decrease 1 unit from the last bet.

Here again the system, known as the D’Alembert betting system can work in reverse. Meaning, you add after winning, and decrease after losing. The important thing is to keep it consistent.

The Fibonacci System
According to the Fibonacci betting system, in order to recover lost bets, the player needs to place bets that are equal to the last two losing bets. After a win, or only one loss, the player places his basic betting unit.

1-3-2-6 Betting System
In the 1-3-2-6 betting system the player starts by betting 1 unit. If he wins he bets 3 units. Another win is followed by a 2 units bet, and a third win in a row is followed by a bet of 6 units. A loss takes the player beck to 1 unit, and then according to the 1-3-2-6 order in case of a winning streak.

All these Baccarat strategies can be tested at Money Casino’s free practice games, either our Mini-Baccarat, or full-table Baccarat with score card.

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