Take a Peek at the Sneak a Peek Slots from Microgaming

sneak-a-peek-slotMicrogaming have certainly been pushing the boundaries in regards to their slot game themes in recent months, probably more so with the rather X Rated Playboy slot they launched, however there is one slot game series found in Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform that offers a similar type of erotic theme and this is found on their three slot Sneak a Peek series.

What makes this set of three slot machines a tad unusual is that whenever you are awarded the bonus game then you will be stripping off one of the main slot game characters, and to appeal to all tastes Microgaming have made these characters both male and female, and to cater for some of life’s more unusual tastes they even have a Alien stripping bonus game.

As mentioned there are three different slots that make up the Sneak a Peek slot game series and below you will find an overview of what they all have to offer you by way of base games, additional bonus games and winning payouts.

Hunky Heroes Sneak a Peek Slot

There is a cast of very unique male characters in play on the reels of the Hunky Heroes slot game, these being Duncan who is a Police Officer, Brad who is a Fire Fighter, Brad who is a Life Guard as well as Roger the Jet Fighter Pilot and Wade who is a Naval Officer.

When you are playing this nine payline slot game you will be hoping to see spinning in on any of the visible three positions of reel one the Sneak a Peek bonus reel symbol and at the same time on reel five in the same reel position any one of those five character symbols, for when you do you will get to play the pick to strip picking round.

When triggered the male character is displayed on the bonus game screen and you have to pick 12 of the possible 15 position displayed on the bonus grid to reveal an item of clothing, for each set of three matching items you will win an increased multiplier amount along with seeing the character strip off the corresponding item of clothing. A potential jackpot payout of 5400 coins can be won during this bonus round.

Plus when playing the base game should you get three Under Pants symbols lining up on reels one to three on any activated single payline then you get to pick one of those Under Pants symbols to reveal an initial set of free spins and a multiplier value at which they will all play out on. As the free spins are playing out additional free spins and additional multipliers can be awarded when special bonus symbols drop in on any visible reel symbols position.

You are able to play 9 different paylines when playing this slot game and it is advisable to play all nine of them due to the unique way that the bonus game and free spins bonus feature are awarded and triggered.

Planet Exotica Sneak a Peek Slot

The Sneak a Peek Planet Exotica slot game has been designed slightly differently to the other two slots in the series, and when playing this variant you will be given the option of playing a total of 15 paylines per spin as opposed to just nine paylines on the other two slots in this series.

The pick to strip bonus game is triggered in an identical fashion on this variant of the game and as such you need the Sneak a Peek bonus symbol to line up on reel one and in the corresponding position on reel five one of the Alien Babe symbols, and then you get to play that pick to strip bonus game, however the maximum payout on this particular bonus game is 12,000 coins, which is almost three times higher than the other two Sneak a Peek slot games pick to strip bonus games.

There is a major difference in regards to how this slot game plays and this surrounds the way in which the free spins are triggered and awarded to you. To be awarded with 10 free spins on x2 multipliers then three or more of the Mouth symbols need to spin in anywhere in view.

Once again as the free spins are playing out both additional free spins and multiplier values can be awarded by spinning in special booster symbols. The maximum amount you can win on this free spins bonus game is a large 1,000,000 coins.

The base game jackpot is awarded to you for spinning in on any activated payline five of the Planet Exotica Wild logo symbols, and for each coin wagered on the line they appear on you will be paid out with a jackpot worth 5000 coins.

Doctor Doctor Sneak a Peek Slot

The main character symbols that are found on Microgaming’s Doctor Doctor Sneak a Peek slot game are all female medical staff, and you will find a Nadia who is a Neurosurgeon, Ruby a rather busty Matron, Nikki a very good looking Student Nurse, Sam a Paramedic and Michele a very busy Doctor.

The pick to strip bonus game which can be triggered on this slot is identical in the way it is awarded and plays out as the Hunky Heroes game above which means there is always going to be a potential maximum bonus game payout of 5400 coins on offer when this bonus game triggers and is awarded to you.

The free spins which can be triggered on this slot is almost identical to the Hunky Heroes slot game reviewed above, however the reel symbols which trigger this free spins bonus feature are not Under Pants but they are Lip symbols.

The base game jackpot on offer on both this Doctor Doctor slot game and the hunky Heroes slot game is 4000 coins for every single coin wagered on the winning payline that all five of the slot games Wild logo symbols spin in on. You can opt to play a total of nine paylines per spin of this Doctor Doctor Slot game you set into live play.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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