The Art of Clearing Online Slots Bonuses

250x250With online slot players expecting casino bonuses to be showered upon them by every single casino site available at very regular intervals, then it is down to the marketing and promotions teams at each casino site to ensure they do indeed offer a constant stream of bonuses, but also make sure they are not open to abuse.

With there being so many different types of casino bonuses now available to every single online slot players it is becoming rather difficult to spot those bonuses which offer players the best value and a lower risk of them taking one which gives them little if no actual chance of ending their session with a profit.

So below you will find listing of the most commonly available online casino bonus offers and alongside each of them we will reveal what to look out for in the terms and conditions of those bonuses which can make them much better valued bonuses to take, and what terms and conditions mean those bonuses should never be taken by players.

Deposit Match Slot Bonuses

If you walked into a land based casino with 100.00 in your pocket to gamble with and the casino manager walked over to you and doubled your bankroll to 200.00 you would be sat there with a smile on your face, well this is exactly what happens when you take a 100% deposit match slot bonus at an online casino.

However, before you can walk out of the cyber doors of that online casino with your money you first have to play your bonus and your original bankroll a certain number of times, and this is called the play through requirement of the bonus.

The best type of deposit bonus is one which has a play through requirement of 20 times your bonus amount attached to it or anything less than 20 times the bonus amount. You will be offered some huge and often on first appearance great valued deposit bonuses of over 100% in value, however those bonuses come with huge play through requirements often 50 times you deposited amount an bonus amount and offer no real chance of you winning.

No Deposit Slot Bonuses

Sadly the terms and conditions attached to nearly all no deposit bonuses has become so strict they are simply not worth your time or effort claiming.

You will find these types of bonuses come with a maximum cash out amount, which can often be no more than the no deposit amount, and with a strict list of games you can only play with that bonus they really are not worth investigating, unless you have a lot of spare time available and don’t mind making a few Dollars, Pounds or Euros every now and then.

Cash Back Slot Bonuses

Some Cash Back bonuses offer slot players a no lose type of proposition, and these are ones that will offer you 100% of your deposited amount back should you lose. However, those types of bonuses are only ever offered to very high rollers.

The structure of any cash back bonus is of course that you will have to lose to get anything back from them, and in most cases any cash back is not given as a withdrawal amount of cash, instead they come with play through requirements, and as such you have to churn through the cash back bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw the cash and any associated winnings, and these types of bonuses often also come with very strict maximum cash out rules.

One Hour Slot Play Bonuses

We have seen a sharp increase in the number of online casinos that now offer new players a quite unique type of sign up slot playing bonus, and these types of bonuses are known as one hour slot play bonuses.

The way they work is quite straight forward, the casino will offer you a free bankroll and you are then faced with having to play one or more of their slot games with that free cash in the hope that after a maximum of one hours play time your final balance is higher than the starting one, and if so then the casino will allow you to claim some of those winnings, up to a certain amount as a bonus.

However, to actually get those initial winnings credited to you as a bonus which does mean they come with play through requirements, you have then got to make a deposit, and you will often find the amount you need to deposit is the same amount as you are claiming.

So for example if you are entitled to claim 50.00 as a bonus then you have to deposit 50.00 to claim it, which makes this simply a type of deposit match bonus, and as such you will have been playing that initial session just to claim a 100% deposit match type of bonus, which does seem a bit of a waste of time.

Free Slot Spins Bonuses

Finally one other bonus that you are likely to come across will be where an online casino gives you some free spins on one of their slot games when you make a deposit into that site.

Now be very careful before making a deposit to claim one of these free slot spins bonuses as some casinos will not give you what you may have been expecting, for example if they offer you lets’ say 50 free spins on the Cashapillar slot game then you may be thinking that is generous as that is a 100 payline slot.

However, what you may find when you make you deposit and claim the free spins whilst you may get 50 free spins on that slot you will only find 5 or maybe 10 of the available 100 paylines actually activated. So always and we do mean always carefully read through all of the terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus offer to see if they are as generous as they are advertised as being.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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