The Casino Player Diet

Wouldn’t life be much simpler if dieting was as easy as playing in an online casino? Well, how about using your experience and spirit as a player to eat better and take control over your health? Everybody wants a healthy body, but could anything be more boring than counting calories? We all can lose focus while trying to keep tabs on what we eat, unless – players that we are – we take the whole thing as game. And you know what, we’re here to win.

Think of the total amount of food and drink you’re going to eat all day as your bankroll. Now every time you eat or drink something you are spending some of it. Same as in the casino, when you plan your budget and use it smartly, you’re on your way to win.

Fatty food or sugary food is the $100 chip. You don’t just use it by the way, but save it to the fancy table where you can relish the moment. So instead of chewing down a fatty dish or some sweets in less than 15 seconds, take your time to savor the taste. Don’t eat while walking or while you’re distracted by the TV. Treat yourself to a nice meal, believe me you’ll enjoy it better. Plus, when we eat slowly we eat less and fill full for much longer.

To keep our bankroll in balance we can break down our $100 chip to less expensive ones like lean cuts, non-fried fish, and low fat dishes. Vegetables are your comps to binge with. You can eat them anytime you want, they cost you practically nothing, and you have lots to earn like vitamins, antioxidants and fibers.

As every smart player knows, winning requires strategic planning, self-control, and lots of practice. Well guess what, dieting is no different. You won’t just join a table in the casino and put your money on the line without knowing the rules or payouts of the game, right? So to keep the right body weight you need to be aware of what’s your food is made of – is it mostly fat, carbs, or protein? You can do that by looking at the Nutrition Info table on the package, asking your butcher, or looking it up on books or online.

The next step is strategic shopping, cooking, or eating out. Strategic shopping is basically planning your bankroll for the week. How do we do this? If you know you can play slots for hours and hours, you don’t pick the largest coin, right? You want to spread your budget nice and even to make it last. So when you shop, pick the less fatty or sugary, or plain non-nutritional foods.

Strategic cooking is mainly choosing your ingredients, menu, sizes and cooking method (steaming or stir frying make a cheaper table than frying…), you can pick up easy recipes and tips from books and online. So, if you’re main dish is a stake fit for a highroller, make the side dish a nickel slot.

[Casino Dinner Table]

When it comes to eating out or ordering in, pick the place as you would pick the casino you play at, and that means a place that provides you with options that are good for you, and treats you with respect. I’m talking decent, fresh, healthy food made of quality ingredients, in a place that lets you take your time and feel comfortable.

Self-control is a valuable habit in all aspects of life. Remember Money Casino’s Responsible Gaming feature where you can set a limit to your weekly credit card deposits? Well, we can use the same logic for snacks. Decide ahead how many candy bars, for example, you’ll eat this week and stick to this amount when you make your weekly shopping. You decide how to spread them, but don’t go over the total weekly amount.

Now say you’re in a binging mood. That happens, right? To loosen up a bit but keep it under control you would pick a relaxing and intuitive game like the roulette where strategic decisions don’t play a major role, but when you play you stick to low coins, or with a high coin go for the 2:1 or 3:1 bets for more wins. If you’re the kind of binger that does secret impressions of the cookie monster for example, damage control would be buying low-fat ones, or a smaller package to make sure you eat less.

Of course, all the strategy in the world won’t do you any good unless you practice. Practice is the clever way to go. When it comes to dieting, we must put into practice the info we have and our self control, to make the right decisions to keep our bodies healthy. Even if you got handled a rough hand you can still make the best out of the situation.

Practice doesn’t stop there. The best way to complement your healthy eating habits is physical exercise. Get up and shake it at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes at a time, your body will thank you. Consult your physician if your age or condition requires special care. And how’s this for a welcome bonus? as you start working out you’ll feel re-energized, sharper, happier, and more confident.

Your body is the most amazing and precious asset you’ll ever have. No matter how long it’s been since you took care of your health you can always get back in the game and stay ahead of it when you’re a player at heart.

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