The Complete Guide to Free Spins on Slots

There are so many different ways that a set of free spins awarded when playing a video slot game can play out, that we have decided the time is right to present to you a complete and definitive guide to this often quite high paying slot game bonus feature round.

However, as there are so many different types of free spins bonus games attached to hundreds if not thousands of online slots, we have spread these guides over several different pages of our website, so do allocate some time to going through them all, for when you do we can guarantee you will find plenty of slot games that you will be itching to play.

The First Free Spins Bonus Game Awarding Slots

Having been the very first company to launch a fully downloadable casino gaming platform in 1994, it was Microgaming who launched the very first range of online slots that boasted a set of free spins as the main bonus feature game.

In fact as soon as Microgaming launched what are now seen as quite Basic Free Spins Bonus Game Slots they became hugely popular with players and as such a fast roll out of brand new slots offering this bonus game started and in a matter of months they have dozens of them available.

However, with more and more casino game designers and casino software companies launching their own online casinos, Microgaming soon had lots of competition and companies such as Playtech and Real Time Gaming soon offered players using casinos powering their own unique gaming platforms plenty of video slots on which a set of free spins could be triggered and awarded.

As land based slot game designers also started to eye up the online gaming environment we have seen in recent years companies such as IGT, Novomatic and WMS launching many of their long established land based slot games online, and whilst Microgaming are famed with bringing out the very first online slots with free spins it was those land based slot designers who originally had the idea of adding those bonus features to their slots.

Advanced Free Spins Bonus Game Feature Rounds

Bringing out new slots with never seen before bonus games and feature rounds is always what any slot designer is looking to achieve, and over the years the way in which free spins are triggered, awarded and then play out has changed on some of the most recently launched slot machines.

With this in mind and to compliment this initial guide are a set of additional articles we would suggest you have a read through, if you both enjoy playing free spins awarding slots and wish to play some of the more recently launched ones which offer additional free spin features.

Choose You Own Free Spins Options – If the thought of choosing just how many free spins you will be awarded with and the multiplier values attached to each of them then make sure you checkout this slot playing guide as there are plenty of slots offering just such a feature.

Undetermined Number of Free Spins – There are quite a number of slot games that we will reveal to you in this slot playing guide that will award you with a set of free spins, however you will not know how many of them you are going to be awarded with until the free spins round has been triggered.

Additional Free Spin Bonus Game Features – A large number of the newer slot games that as you are playing off your awarded free spins can and will award you with additional bonus features that can often dramatically boost the value of your winning payouts.

Bonus Games that Award Free Spins – Once you spin in the required scatter symbols to trigger what will eventually be a free spins type of bonus game, some slots make you play off a different type of bonus game to determine just how many free spins you will be awarded with.

Free Spins Bonus Game Systems and Strategies

There are some ways in which slot players will play slots in the hope that when a video slots finally awards them with a set of free spins, they can accumulate the best possible winning payouts. Below are some ways this can be done along with an introduction to an article enlightening you on some very interesting facts and figures surrounding when free spin bonus game usually trigger.

How Often Do Slots Award the Free Spins Feature – This article is a must read one, for it is going to let you know when, on average, many of the most played video slot games award their respective free spins bonus feature rounds, which may just allow you to put into place a playing strategy to take advantage of this information.

Accumulating Free Spins Bonus Games – Some players will often save up and not play off their awarded bonus games until they have exhausted their gaming budget, in this article we take a look at the pros and cons of doing so.

How to Play Free Spins Awarding Slots Optimally – There are some unique way that you can play free spins bonus game awarding slots that can often see you getting some higher than average winning payouts when those bonus games trigger and in this article we will take a look at some of these ways.

Free Spins Bonus Game Questions and Answers

In this final section of our guide to free spins bonus games we will introduce you to some articles that are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the way these types of slot games work, play and operate.

Which Slots Award the Highest Number of Free Spins? – If you are looking to play the slot games which are going to award you with the highest number of free spins when the bonus game is triggered this is the playing guide you need to read.

Which Free Spin Slots Have the Highest RTP’s? – We are often reminding our slot playing website visitors that the only slots you should be playing are those that boast the highest payout percentages. With this in mind we have compiled this particular guide which will point out not only which slots have a free spins bonus type game but also come with the highest payout percentages.

Can You Tell When a Free Spins Bonus Game will be triggered? – This final article is going to let you know whether it is in any way possible to determine just by playing a slot whether it is likely to award its free spins bonus game in the very near future.

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