The Pros and Cons of High Rolling

There are of course many pros and cons of high rolling when playing at an online casino, and much like when you are playing for high stakes in a land based venue you will of course be expecting the casino you are playing at to roll out the red carpet to you and ensure you are given much higher levels of service and a range of additional extras that lower stake players rarely have available to them.

However, there are always going to be risks attached to any high stake gaming sessions you have and in this guide which is one of our guides which make up our Complete Guide to High Rolling series of articles we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of high rolling.

Feel free to read through this guide and then do checkout all of the other ones that make up that series as by doing do you will not only will be able to locate Which Online Casinos Cater for High Rollers but will also find out what are the many Benefits Bestowed on High Rollers.

Chance of Winning Big – The most obvious benefit of playing any online casino games for high stakes is that you will always have the very real chance of winning a huge jackpot so you could go on something of a winning streak and through a series of winning outcomes on any game you choose to play you could end up with a massively increased casino account balance.

Everything of course is going to be relevant, and as such you are unlikely to get increased winning opportunities when playing casino games online for high stakes at the payout percentages and house edges attached to all games available are the same irrespective of the stakes you are playing for, and you will only win more in relation to your actual wagered amounts.

VIP Player Benefits – As a high rolling player you will be expecting all manner of increased comps and bonuses to come your way, and it has to be said that if you do tend to deposit higher than average amounts into an online casino site and then set about playing for higher stakes you are much more likely to rise through any comp clubs tiers than you would when playing for more modest stake amounts.

So in regards to your actual cash back and the amount of free chips and free casino credits obtained from any casino comp club you should always manage to become a member of the highest level of any casino comp club when playing for high stakes in a relatively quick time frame.

Many casinos will of course be wanting you to play as often as you are able to do if you are a high stakes player, and this will see many sites offering you lots of additional extras including no deposit bonuses and many will even send you gifts to your home, just to keep you sweet and give you a feeling that they truly value your custom.

Cash Outs and Withdrawals – Now all casinos are going to have their own limits in regards to how much you are going to be able to cash out during any one single time period. As such you do need to be aware of these time limits and also the maximum amounts you can withdraw as winnings on any one given day, week or month.

It is quite often the case that a casino that has a high rolling player is going to bend the rules in regards to how much that player is able to withdraw whenever they have had a winning session, so you can expect to have some very large cash out limits attached to your account at most casino sites.

However, one of the downsides of playing for high stakes if you are in one of the many countries of the world where online gaming is a grey area, and are a player from a country such as the USA for example you may find you are going to have some quite low maximum cash out limits available to you and it is going to be advisable you steer well clear of such sites.

It will be a completely pointless exercise playing any casino game for hundreds or even thousands of Dollars per hand on games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, or on each spin of the roulette or slot game reels, if the maximum you can cash out in any one 24 hour time period is $500, sadly that is often the withdrawal and cash out limits at some casino sites.

Risk of Losing Big – You are of course going to be a much sought after customer by any online casino if you are quite prepared and capable of playing for high stakes, and the reason many casino sites are going to be falling over themselves to get you to become a high stake player at their respective site is that you will always have a very real risk of losing some substantial amounts of cash.

With luck always playing a major part in regards to your winning chances when playing any casino games, then you should only ever gamble with money you are more than prepared to lose, as a huge bankroll can quickly be diminished when things are not going your way at the game tables.

So do consider putting in place your own unique gaming and betting strategy when you are in a gambling frame of mind and ensure that the games you do end up playing are those which due to their higher payout percentages or low house edges are the ones you hunt down and play.

It often escapes the attention for example of high rolling slot game players that just a one or two percentage different in a slot games payout percentage is going to have a massive effect on the winning chances of players playing those slots for high stakes.

Increased Progressive Jackpot Winning Odds

One final benefit that you may be completely unaware of when you are playing slot games for higher stakes, is that if you are playing the many new slot games on which are offered one or more randomly awarded progressive jackpots, then you have a much increased chance of winning one of those jackpots when playing these types of real money slot games for very high stakes.

The way in which random jackpot slots work and operate is quite easy to understand, there will be two parts of each slot game, the first is the base and bonus games which you will find come with a set long term expected payout percentage and as such your winning chances are going to always remain the same when playing the base game of any slot games.

Plus the chances of triggering the bonus feature rounds are the same whether you are playing for low stakes or high stakes, it is simply the amount of cash you will win that changes depending on your chose stake amounts.

However, the randomly awarded progressive jackpot part on any slot game offering such a jackpot or set of jackpots is affected by the stake levels you are playing them for, and this is where a high stake player is going to find they can often win several of these types of jackpots in a short period of time, where as a low stake player will rarely if ever win one.

When playing any random jackpot awarding slot game you have a chance of winning the jackpots on offer when playing for one penny per spin, but when playing for much higher state every single penny wagered give you an additional chance of winning the jackpot or jackpots attached to that slot machine.

So if you are staking let’s say 100.00 per spin there are 10,000 pennies in 100.00 which means you are ten thousand times more likely to win the jackpot than a penny slot player.

This is due to a random jackpot being quite comparable to a raffle. If you decide to buy a huge number of tickets to take part in a raffle then you have a much greater chance of winning that raffle than someone who has just purchased one ticket for that draw.

Random jackpot awarding slot games usually offer some quite variable stake options and as such they are more suitable to high rolling players as opposed to the fixed coin progressive jackpots which award their jackpots by you having to line up a set of matching symbols on a payline.

When playing fixed coin progressive jackpot you will find the maximum stake levels you can play them for a very low and are rarely suitable to you any high stake player. So to conclude do take a look at the many different types of random jackpot slot games available at various online casinos as there are many of them available.

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