The Walking Dead Slot Machine Review

the-walking-dead-slotThe Walking Dead slot game which was one slot I was eager to get stuck into playing on my recent trip to Las Vegas proved to be something of an elusive slot to track down. Being something of a major fan of the TV show of the same name I was more than willing to give this slot a fair amount of play time.

However, finally after venturing into the Luxor Casino I stumbled upon four of them and selected one to play. As luck would have it on the very first spin I won a $288.00 payout via a base game winning combination which consisted of several Rick Grimes reel symbols spinning into view.

So the wait and the effort required in tracking down this slot was certainly worthwhile and below you will find an overview of what this slot has to offer via its bonus features and its bonus games.

If you do enjoy watching The Walking Dead, and you are in Vegas then this is a slot worth tracking down. As I mention above not every casino has it on offer so when you are out and about keep your eyes peeled for it for just like me you could win a big payoff your very first spin.

The staking options will suit most players budgets however be aware The Walking Dead slot has been designed as a penny slot and with a minimum stake level of just 75 coins or an increment of 75 coins upwards you will be able to send the reels spinning and will be able to activate all of the main features on the slot.

There are several different sized progressive jackpots that can be won when you play this slot, however of you to have any chance of being awarded with the Grand Jackpot which is the highest valued one, you have to play maximum coins spins, so f you can comfortably afford to do so make sure you do as that jackpot is huge.

Key Features

Below I have put together an overview of each of the bonus games and bonus features that will hopefully be triggered at some point when you play this slot. If you are a fan of the show then make sure you sit back in the chair and increase the volume on the game play control panel for the maximum fun and entertainment.

Reel Growth Feature – One of the base game features which could see you winning some high amounts of cash is the Reel Growth feature, once triggered at random then the reels will extend upwards on the slot machine screen and you will have more paylines in play.

You will of course be ideally hoping to see the reels extend as far up the screen as they can do and then get a set of high valued paying reel symbols spinning in.

Wild Attack Feature – Another potentially high paying base game feature on The Walking Dead slot machine is the Wild Attack feature. When randomly awarded to you a set of wild symbols will splat onto the slot game screen and each reel position they cover will be wild for that single spin.

Just keep in mind though that it is always going to be dependent on just which reel position those wild symbols land onto as to whether you are going to form lots of winning combinations or possibly none at all.

The Horde Feature – When the Horde feature is awarded to you then a random set of matching reel symbols are going to be added onto the slot games screen. Much like the other features mentioned above it will also be dependent on just which reel symbols and where they are added onto the reels as to whether you will end up with multiple winning combinations or not.

Bonus Wheel – Much like most other popular slot machine The Walking Dead slot machines comes with its own unique bonus wheel feature on which additional features or bonus payouts can be awarded to you.

The main bonus wheel when awarded and sent spinning could award you with any of the progressive jackpots displayed at the top of the slot machine, with the exception of the highest valued progressive which can only be won when playing maximum bet spins.

As long as you win a credit prize, a jackpot or the max wheel bonus then you get to keep on spinning the bonus wheel, so you can win repeatedly off it and end up playing off a large number of wheel spins when this feature is awarded to you.

You could be awarded with a set of free spins via that bonus wheel or you could gain access to an additional CDC bonus wheel feature. When you are awarded with the CDC Wheel then a full screen sized wheel will spin vertically in front of you and wherever it stops will be the cash prize you win or you could win a multiplier to increase the value of the next spun in bonus cash prize.

Our Thoughts

The must play The Walking Dead slot does feature plenty of the original cast as reel symbols, and as such it is a slightly outdated slot due to that very fact. However, there is no getting away from the fact that thanks to the excellent graphics and sound effects and the state of the art slot chair which vibrates at various points in your game play you will find it a rounded slot to play.

There are several progressive jackpots attached to this slot machine and as such it is very fair to say that a small percentage of your overall stakes will be feeding those progressives, which are regularly won, well the smaller valued ones are.

However, those progressive jackpot contributions do not appear to reduce the overall payout percentage of the Walking Dead slot too dramatically or noticeably so you will get plenty of base game winning combinations spinning in and should, touch wood, trigger a fair few bonus features from time to time.

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